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Apple has already long Safari default browser on the iPhone installed, and Samsung is now doing the same for Android devices with the Samsung Internet Browser. That is a mobile browser for Android devices. Samsung Internet Browser is a useful browser that considering the change from Chrome worth. The interface is very user friendly and the browser has a number of useful interactive functions.

Samsung Internet Browser by Samsung is now on the new devices installed, but from now on, for everyone free to use and available for Android.

If you Samsung Internet Browser than you will immediately see a clear home screen, with a listing of the many useful features of the browser in the form of a context menu. The surfing is also similar to the way that other browser done, but the many extra features that make this browser interesting.

This mobile browser has a handy option for videos directly to play. This is fullscreen to do so and even if the pop-up, so the video is not in the website itself but the remote is opened, so that you watch the video while you continue to surf. This is all done via a built-in assistant. Samsung Internet Browser provides the option for 360 degree videos directly in the browser without having to use a VR glasses for need.

Navigation is done simply by left or right swipe to a different tab. Websites are simple to add it to your favorites. In addition to Samsung account with your privacy. For example, ads are easy to block, in which use is made of a built-in content blocker, and there is a special function to browse anonymously. Therefore, it is still possible to DuckDuckGo as a search engine.

In addition, Samsung Internet Browser about a day and night mode, in the customize settings, and web surfing a lot more attractive, because the night is less tiring for your eyes. In addition, the contrast of a page easy to adjust to make this more readable.

The browser has a QR scanner to scan QR codes to quickly scan and open. Last is the browser to sync with the Samsung Cloud, so all your settings and bookmarks are kept. Samsung Internet Browser supports a way to securely pay online, for which use is made of a special API to create a secure connection to establish. With the extension CloseBy discovered and look at you again with interesting information about interesting places or attractions in your area.

All in all, Samsung Internet Browser is an excellent alternative to the default browser on your Android device.

Samsung Internet Browser has the following features:

  • free browser for Android devices,
  • has a shortcut menu with useful extensions,
  • play videos directly embedded or in a pop-up,
  • protects your privacy,
  • has a content - and ad-blocker,
  • features a day and night mode,
  • has a built-in QR-scanner,
  • gives information about interesting places in your area.

Samsung Internet Browser screenshots

screenshot-Samsung Internet Browser-1
screenshot-Samsung Internet Browser-2

You can free download Samsung Internet Browser and safe install the latest trial or new full version for Windows 10 (x32, 64 bit, 86) from the official site.

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