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One after the other video chat app shoot the ground, and Rave is a nice addition. The app comes from the makers of the live streaming app is the Meerkat, which no longer exists and is actually the precursor of this app. Rave is a huge hype and is therefore often used. With this app, you can video chat with friends, family or acquaintances, and that happens as if you were all in a living room, a fun party. The app is very accessible and that makes it so interesting.

Rave is completely free to use and available for iOS and Android.

Rave is the new way of video calling. To using the app, you must create an account and log in. Then you still need to verify your phone number, after which you an sms with a verification code. After you have entered allows you to get the party started, without that you are really at someone on the floor have to come out. You will immediately see who of your contacts are already using Rave, and you can easily add friends, what happens with the phone number of your contacts.

Every time you start the app, your friends will see that you are ‘In The House’. You can have a ‘party’ to start and up to eight others for invite. You start a new chat by a link to send to others. That can be done through your messenger, social media or e-mail.

Each user within the chat its own window. You can then very easily with these other users, video chat and you can see all participants at the same time on your screen. The nice thing about Rave is that others just with the conversation. They need only your username to know. It may happen that friends of friends of friends, that you might not even know, to participate in your chat. You will find that there are plenty of people in your party, then you can indicate this by clicking on the ‘lock’ button, which nobody more can do. You can get the party to leave by on your screen to swipe.

Rave is a very simple app and you can do anything with a few simple clicks. A digital place where you with friends, family or colleagues together, but also easy to make new friends. The app has some way of Skype, but is much more accessible, more effective and more attractive to use.

Rave is actually a social network, which is particularly popular among younger users. With the app you can use without too much difficulty your own virtual housewarming. Make a date pricking, and especially a lot of clean-up afterwards.

Rave has the following characteristics:

  • free popular video chat app,
  • available for iOS and Android,
  • create an account and log in is necessary,
  • synchronizes with your contacts list,
  • a ‘party’ to start is simple,
  • invite others with a link or via their phone number,
  • up to a maximum of eight participants per chat.

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