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UPDATE: Sowdan is since 2017 unfortunately no longer active. We advise to another free app for sending betaalverzoeken to install.

When you send money to an account other than it sometimes takes a while, sometimes even a number of days. That is annoying, especially if the need is that your money quickly to another account. With the Sowdan you have solved that problem.

This Dutch app lets you real-time money transfer between different banks and it does not matter who is in which bank. If you send money it says that right on the desired account. The app is the banks a step ahead, because the Dutch banks is the real-time transfer is not yet possible. That happens more or less only if you to an account of the same bank, a transfer. Sowdan is a free app, available for iOS and Android.

With the Sowdan makes the moment when you send money, not more. The online banking is a lot faster and you create a quick look that outstanding amount to someone or you make a request for payment. There is no card reader or authentication sms more is needed. Sowdan can this quick way of transferring guarantee, because you your money first deposit to a Sowdan account at your own bank. Then, the money is directly transferred to the Sowdan account of the bank of the receiver, after which it, immediately, on his or her account will be paid.

In practice all payments through paypal and the recipient of the money within a minute on the account will appear. The app actually works with all the major banks, only not yet with ABN Amro. All payments under the 750 eur are free, after that you pay a small percentage of 0.5 percent.

To of the app to use if you do need an account. Before you fill in some personal information and your phone number. Then, you set your own password and activate your account. With iDeal gives you first access to your payment account and confirm your account with a payment of 0.01 cents. Within the app, you can easily use a list, where you select where you money to to transfer. You enter, therefore all contacts give the IBAN number, for that you need to make a payment.

With the Sowdan, it is possible to make payments or make a request for payment to send to someone with whom you still get money. This is done by a link for such a request to create and share on Whatsapp or e-mail. The receiver, which the app does not need to use, click on the link, is to an iDeal-page and pay directly.

Sowdan is a handy app, that not only is suitable for the bigger payments, but can work very well for small payments, such as a purchase through Marketplace or the refund of an amount that someone has paid for you. A good way to pay directly and instantly to get your money.

Sowdan has the following characteristics:

  • make real-time money over to another,
  • available for free for iOS and Android,
  • the transfer is done via iDeal,
  • your money within a minute on a different account,
  • do a payment or send someone a request for payment,
  • has a coverage of eighty percent of all banks,
  • payments under the 750 eur are free of charge, above that, you pay 0.5 percent,
  • suitable for large and for small payments.

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You can free download Sowdan and safe install the latest trial or new full version for Windows 10 (x32, 64 bit, 86) from the official site.

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