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When a movie has downloaded, there is often no subtitles. When you make a film in English, a subtitle may not always be necessary, but for most people quite pleasant. In other languages, you may be a subtitle of course. You can than minutes the web with a web browser to the one correct subtitle, but it is easier to make use of these Subtitles app. With this program you can automatically subtitles for your movie or tv show download. It is by far one of the most easy ways to get your movie or series of a subtitle.

Subtitles app is completely free to use and available for Windows and Max OS X.

With this Subtitles app you will never to a subtitle shy. The application works very easy and you can choose from more than forty languages. After you have installed the software, you can select your preferred language to specify, such as, for example, English. You can have two favorite languages are set as you want. When the program has opened, you need only the file of your film or series in the window to drag and the app does the rest for you.

On the basis of your preference is Subtitles app online to find the right subtitle for your program. The software analyzes your video and it works even if your file has the correct name, for example from the film. Subtitles app supports any file format and that is fairly handy, because you never have anything to convert.

When Subtitles app the correct subtitle for you have found, it is automatically downloaded to the folder where your movie file is in. Then, the subtitle to actually be able to see in the movie, it must have exactly the same name as the file name of your movie, series or tv show. Subtitles app does that automatically for you and suits the name of the subtitle to your movie file. You can then right click your movie, click and select where you want to play. That may be your default media player. You will see that the subtitle will appear if you have the film to watch.

You can have multiple series or movies at the same time looking for subtitles, because the program will search for subtitles for all the files in your folder. That is handy, because so you don't need per movie or series is a command to give the correct subtitle find. Because the program titles self adjust, saves you that work. Subtitles app is a very useful and very easy-to-use app, that will make you carefree of a movie or series can enjoy.

Subtitles has the following characteristics:

  • going to find the right subtitle for your movie or series,
  • available for free for Windows and Mac OS,
  • set two preferred languages,
  • choose from more than forty languages,
  • automatically adjusts the name of the subtitle,
  • can an entire folder with multiple files at the same time translate.

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You can free download Subtitles and safe install the latest trial or new full version for Windows 10 (x32, 64 bit, 86) from the official site.

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