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Just a note or make a note somewhere to add. With a digital kladblokje is that how it's done. Windows already has a default notepad where that easy, but with TED Notepad can make it even better and easier. This application is designed to be a simple text processing, but has more features and capabilities than, for example, the notepad of Windows. The idea is the same. TED Notepad is a lightweight text editor, that besides the well-known options that in any word processor sitting, and convenient features like the quick insert of text, counting the characters, words automatically completes, find and remove duplicate words and characters and much more.

TED Notepad is available for free and only to use on a Windows system.

TED Notepad is not there for beautiful designs and beautiful designs, but is especially designed for plain text documents, and create scripts. The application has a lot of handy shortcuts and clipboard functions. The program looks simple and neat and when you open it, you can immediately begin typing. It is not possible to change the font or the font size to fit. You can use the menu at the top of your screen to use for the different options.

There are nine clipboards where you can make use of and you cut and paste simple text between these clipboards themselves. It is possible to have all the clipboards at the same time to show, so you know where what is and you are not lyrics forget.

Further, it is possible to with TED Notepad, the beginning and the end of a piece of text to highlight, which is useful if you have HTML or XML to want to add, you can select a whole block of text, select it, and that with a simple click from the document, cut and again, somewhere else, and paste it as a new file save and there is a useful help option.

TED Notepad has a very good search function, which allows you to your documents easy to search on keywords. In addition, if you are importing very simple the date and time of the time, so you don't ever have to search for and typing and the application supports many different external file formats, such as all Unicode, UTF-8, Unix and Mac file types. Is very useful to have the autocomplete feature, which allows words to automatically be added, you can indent for a paragraph, and retrieves the program double words there immediately.

With this application you create simple lists and there is also a handy full-screen option, that lets the word processor over the entire screen of your computer, which is pleasant to work with. Files and text can be saved automatically. In addition to the regular version, there is a portable version of TED Notepad, that you simply on your usb-stick or an external hard drive and installing from there can run. TED Notepad is a very nice and intuitive replacement for the standard notepad of Windows, and the program works smoothly.

TED Notepad has the following features:

  • available for free for Windows,
  • designed primarily for plain text, scripts and HTML-like files,
  • convenient search function
  • supports external file formats, such as all Unicode, UTF-8, Unix and Mac file types,
  • convenient full-screen option,
  • has a portable version.

TED Notepad screenshots

screenshot-TED Notepad-1
screenshot-TED Notepad-2

You can free download TED Notepad and safe install the latest trial or new full version for Windows 10 (x32, 64 bit, 86) from the official site.

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