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A computer is not the only device that slowly volstroomt with clutter and other unwanted files. The same is true now for smartphones. Apps and the browser you used show a lot of unnecessary data behind, making your phone unnecessarily slow. To ensure that your phone is faster than going to work and that there is more disk space is an app like WOW Clean recommended. With this app you can make your smartphone completely clean, you will regain some disk space back, and your device immediately a lot faster.

WOW Clean is free to use and only available for Android.

If your device is often used than is becoming more and more disk space, so it's sometimes difficult for new photos to save or if you have a new app to install. In addition, there is a chance that the CPU of your device overheating, which your phone will not be pleasant more work or that the battery very quickly.

WOW Clean is a fast way to get your Android device back functioning perfectly. It is an effective app, that there is a clear appearance and which is very easy to use. If you start the app you'll immediately see how much disk space is already occupied and how much is free. Below you can see four options that enables you to get started: Junk Clean, Phone Boost, CPU Cooler, and Battery Saver.

It is then possible to click one of these options to click and directly to make use of them. If you have the unnecessary files on your phone want to clean up, then click on 'Junk to be Clean. The app will then be equal to how much MB or GB of unnecessary files or data on your system. Below that amount broken down by app, so that you by app to see what is no longer needed. Then WOW Clean a suggestion what is all should and is it possible to any app, which is yet to set a checkmark, if you have the files still want to keep. If you then click the trash icon at the bottom of your screen, click the unnecessary files from the selected apps removed. The same goes for the 'Phone Boost', which WOW Clean app looks at what is and what is not road may have so that your phone will get a huge boost. It is possible to have certain apps to a white list to add, so it never has to be included in the scan.

With the 'CPU Cooler' is the CPU of your hard drive scanned, which looks at the processes underway. Then the app sure your CPU not overheats.

Advantage in the use of WOW Clean is that your battery will last longer. The app extends the battery life of your device largely by apps that constantly run in the background to turn off. You do this under the tab 'Battery Saver'.

WOW Clean has the following characteristics:

  • makes your Android device cleaner and faster,
  • free app available for Android,
  • cleans up all unnecessary files,
  • choose from four options: Junk Clean, Phone Boost, CPU Cooler, and Battery Saver,
  • prevents your device from overheating,
  • extends the life of the battery of your device.

WOW Clean screenshots

screenshot-WOW Clean-1
screenshot-WOW Clean-2

You can free download WOW Clean and safe install the latest trial or new full version for Windows 10 (x32, 64 bit, 86) from the official site.

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