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There is already a long time advocated for more science, technology and automation in education, to children as to prepare them better for their later work life. Useful not only for themselves, but the industry has a lot of benefit from them. Science is fun, that is the message. It is the same message of Making & Science of Google and the associated app Google Science Journal. The goal is to give children a playful way to get acquainted with science and with them there excited for. With the app Science Journal, children discover their environment with experiments, in which again use is made of a variety of sensors and data.

Science Journal is free to use and available for Android and iOS.

An environment is a treasure trove of information that helps us find answers to many questions. Especially for children is their environment the first thing they come into contact with and want them to go and explore to find out how the world around them works. Sound, light and movement play a large role. Google play great with this app, which is part of the Making & Science project of the techgigant.

With Google Science Journal is it possible to have all the information around you to document and explore. After you or your child have the app installed, this must first be set, so that the app uses the sensors of your phone and know where the information needs to be stored. You just click on the 'Let's Go' and the app guides you through the steps.

Then it is possible for different projects to create, and you create a project by clicking the plus icon in the lower right corner clicking. Via the sensors measure different things in your environment, such as light, sound and movement, and you navigate it with a built-in compass. Because the five sensors increasingly real-time information to measure, for example, how bright the light in a space.

In addition to the real-time reproduction, there is the function to the observations to take and to store in the app. Further, it is to measure how hard you ran, what the pressure to you are not or how many decibels the sounds in the environment. All of this is laid out in a project. The information is displayed in graphs and the results are easy to compare. On a project of his notes, photos and more to add to your environment to document better.

With Google Science Journal, it is also possible a few fun experiments to do. Data can be export to CSV files, and easier external storage. Google Science Journal is a very easy way to your area to investigate and to experiment with your phone. It is a kind of digital wetenschapsboekje, not only for children is very interesting, but also very suitable for adults.

Science Journal has the following features:

  • free educational app for kids Google,
  • available for iOS and Android,
  • discover your surroundings with the sensors of your phone,
  • works with 5 different sensors,
  • measure the brightness of the light or the number of decibels of sound,
  • create multiple projects and add notes and photos,
  • the information is displayed in convenient graphs,
  • your data can be exported to a CSV file.

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You can free download Science Journal and safe install the latest trial or new full version for Windows 10 (x32, 64 bit, 86) from the official site.

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