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A word document or a spreadsheet, are quickly sent to, but often it happens that files much too large to send. You can get them, it's best to make smaller, by they to pack. There are several possibilities, also depending on your operating system, but Zipware is in any case a very convenient and safe option. This application is suitable for many different formats and is very convenient in use.

Zipware is absolutely free and available for Windows only.

Although Windows now has a built-in function to get files in and out of the tackle, the possibilities are relatively limited. Therefore, it has a group of developers Zipware released to do the same, only offers that program a lot more options.

3 MB is a very small file, which is also installed as is. During the installation you will be asked whether you want the programme to run it from Windows Explorer or as a separate program. That is an advantage to Zipware, because the majority of zip utilities available, you can't from Windows Explorer. You can then set that Zipware the default is for the packing and unpacking of files.

The program itself looks very neat and is also very user-friendly. The home screen has clear buttons, exactly where they can be used. In the menu you will see a list of all formats that are suitable for Zipware. The program is suitable for all most important formats, such as ZIP, ISO, DMG, UDF, CBZ, TAR, MSI, GZIP, WIM, RAR, 7Z, and RAR5. All of these files you can extract with Zipware. For the package operates with Microsoft a little less formats, but you can still work with under more ZIP, 7-ZIP, and EXE. The program has two windows. In the left window you see the files in a folder and on the right you can see all the information per file, such as the size and the name. With the add button you add new files to pack.

Zipware create a folder in which the files that you have in or extracted will be archived. That way you have all files in one place and you can easily find. You can also choose to have files everywhere on your computer, unzip them and you can archived files, also convert to different formats.

Very interesting is also the option of files at the same time to scan before you them in or turns out. Zipware has it built-in VirusTotal, a smooth and good virus scanner. You can also own a virus scanner to do this for you if you want. Finally, you can archive files, even protect them with a password and encrypt with AES-256 encryption. Zipware is a very complete program, that is also very very fast.

Zipware has the following characteristics:

  • free ZIP program for Windows,
  • compress files to a smaller size,
  • runs in Windows Explorer, or as the default,
  • suitable for all common file formats,
  • grabs files quickly in and out,
  • let the information per file,
  • scan your files for viruses using the integrated virus scanner,
  • secure files with a password and AES-256 encryption.

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You can free download Zipware and safe install the latest trial or new full version for Windows 10 (x32, 64 bit, 86) from the official site.

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