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When you're online, your privacy is one of the biggest points of concern. You can use a VPN enabling a virtual private network, allowing you not to trace, but you can make yourself a lot easier by the browser Brave to install. That is a browser that is out of the tube comes from a former ceo of Mozilla, known for the browser Firefox, and that is especially focused on the respect and observance of your privacy. Brave automatically blocks cookies, ads, and has a built-in tracking protection, so you don't digitally followed. As a result, the browser is pretty fast, what for the surf, another huge advantage.

Brave is completely free to use and available for Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, iOS and Android.

When you Brave as a browser, looks like your privacy is well ensured. Brave is a browser based on Chromium, like Chrome from Google and not Firefox, the other browser that ceo Brendan Eich to set up. Because the browser does not work with the standard ads, is this a number of times faster than all other browsers. Pages load two to four times as fast, and therefore you consume less data, which again is very beneficial for if you are Brave on your smartphone or tablet.

Eventually there will be a certain kind of ads, because the browser somewhere of funded should be, but that will not-personal ads are, purely on your browsing and search data to be sold. It is intended that you will eventually also money will earn, says Eich. He wants to own advertisements to sell and the proceeds divided between different parties, including the users.

Until that time you are in any case assured of a good and fast browser, with Https Everywhere already integrated. That is a secure variant of the usual http, which is the connection that you used to encrypt. Your privacy is a priority, and you need no additional plugins or settings to adjust. This anonymous way of surfing applies to both the desktop version as for the version for iOS and Android. In addition, the browser malware against, so that your computer is not infected. The creators say to that part of the web block, which is detrimental for users.

Brave is an open source browser, so that you have to make adjustments. The browser tries to it is completely different than the other browsers and that is noteworthy. It at least gives the feeling that you are boss over your own internet. The principle of the internet works the same as with other browsers, although there is less fuss. You just need to find in the toolbar and in the settings you can make the necessary adjustments if you want, certain parts on and off, such as, for example, Https Everywhere , and you can select the number of tabs that you have open at the same time want to have, set.

Brave has the following characteristics:

Brave screenshots


You can free download Brave and safe install the latest trial or new full version for Windows 10 (x32, 64 bit, 86) from the official site.

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