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You often have (small) problems with the computer, but too little intellect to be the cause to analyze? It is a one-click solution where the software with a click of the button, itself, an analysis makes a good tool for you. A program such as the free Anvisoft PC Plus for example, helps you easy small computer problems to tackle.

With a one-click solution such as, for example, Microsoft Fix-It will give you a simple solution for computer problems. The main advantage of this type of program is that you have no knowledge of computers is needed to use it.

Anvisoft has the program PC Plus launched as an alternative to Microsoft Fix-It. PC Plus is a collection of one-click tools for common computer issues. In contrast to many other programs that have the same capabilities by offering to Anvisoft no adware or other unwanted software first installed.

Anvisoft PC Plus groups to resolve computer problems in five categories:

The different problems to fix are be under each group listed. As covered by network problems, among others: browser not responding, script error or Internet Explorer crashes. With a click on the "fix now" button is PC Plus to work for you. Note, however, that this does not automatically make a restore point is created. So during the repair process something is going wrong this is not more to recover. Therefore, We recommend to always take a system restore point from Windows.

If you have any problems with your Windows computer experience, and not endless on the internet want to find a manual solution, then it can not hurt to this program her to do the job. If this does not come true, then you can also another popular one-click solution Microsoft Fix-It to try.

Anvisoft PC Plus screenshots

screenshot-Anvisoft PC Plus-1
screenshot-Anvisoft PC Plus-2

You can free download Anvisoft PC Plus and safe install the latest trial or new full version for Windows 10 (x32, 64 bit, 86) from the official site.

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