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If you have a (lease car drivers) or in any other way a car for business driving, then you will be required the number of miles driven. Entrepreneurs must therefore be a record of all mileage tracking, not only for their own records, but often also for their clients. To do that each time manually is a bit time-consuming, therefore an app as a CTA Ride Registration if called. This app takes a lot of work off your hands. With CTA Ride Registration is the number of kilometres easily on your phone or tablet. Your rides are real-time to register or at a later date still to add. For the real-time registration of your mileage, the app uses GPS, so the data is immediately loaded.

CTA Ride Registration is free to use, but still has a paid version with more features. The app is only available for Android.

The netherlands has over a million SELF-employed people and driving hundreds of thousands of lease cars around. These target groups should be for the Tax office keep track of how many kilometres they have per year. That is manually a chore and that's why there are a lot of apps and programs for your mileage at the keep. CTA Ride Registration is there there a of and this app is very user friendly and has many capabilities. An account is not necessary. From the main menu, you can operate the app, and switch quickly back and forth between all functions. Here you choose to create a new ride, you will find a tab to the ride history, you manage cars and locations and go to the settings of the app. However, it is useful to have the app first to your car to pair, the requested information about your car and the mileage to fill in.

If you have a new ride and want to add, click on the main screen, click the tab ‘New ride’. You then include the departure address in the field and indicates whether a journey is for business or private. Locations that you use often to add to the address book, including the name of the company where you are going to drive, but most of the addresses are automatically by the app recognizes. Your route will then be automatically included, which you have extra information on your screen, such as your speed and the distance. The app fills during the ride so automatically all the data in. If you do not have GPS than is the ride afterwards always have to be entered manually. All saved rides are direct to look back.

The advantage is that your data is simple to export to an Excel file, which is useful for your records, or to directly upload to Dropbox, so simple to make a backup of your mileage. CTA Ride Registration is an advanced app that the effort of trying was worth. The app supports multiple cars. Every ride is a break and an internet connection for the capture of your trips is not necessary.

CTA Ride Registration has the following characteristics:

  • keep your business or private mileage,
  • available for free for Android,
  • works on the basis of GPS,
  • save frequently used locations to the address book,
  • take a ride automatically and immediately provides the speed and the distance,
  • export your data to Excel,
  • integrated with Dropbox.

CTA Ride Registration screenshots

screenshot-CTA Rit Registratie-1
screenshot-CTA Rit Registratie-2

You can free download CTA Rit Registratie and safe install the latest trial or new full version for Windows 10 (x32, 64 bit, 86) from the official site.

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