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When a story runs the course to have a good idea, a good plot and excellent characters and a nice effect, so there is a good book from rolls. Many writers make use of a word processor, like Word, but this is still difficult to get a good overview as to keep your book already. A program like WriteWay is the solution, because this program will help you to write your book and, especially, in the application of structure for your story. With WriteWay, you unequivocally your chapters, do you simple your characters and separate scenes.

WriteWay is free to use and available for Windows.

Convenience should be the man and for writers, WriteWay certainly an extra aid, which the writing a little easier and more streamlined. The program looks somewhat outdated, but works fine. If you already have a book started, then this is simple to import in WriteWay, and then immediately move on.

To download the file, you must enter your e-mail addresses, after which the program download is. At the top of the screen, you will find a toolbar with all the options and on the left side of your screen, the complete layout of your book. That is divided into chapters and scenes. In your text you write in the big window in the middle and you add still text to each part.

If you want to start then you create a new book, and then scenes and chapters to add. Of all the scenes and chapters you adjust the title or change the color, so you something easy to find. Chapter-by-chapter or scene, you add information such as the plot, where it is set, the characters and what exactly happens. You can add simple a climax and a so-called turning point. It is possible to have multiple tabs next to each other open to allow you to switch easily between them. Chapter-by-chapter your story in a clear storyboard, which allows you at a glance the course looks, designed with a number of cards.

In addition, there is a special tab for research information, such as websites, transcripts of interviews or other data. You further the font and the font size is easy, and the program saves your progress automatically.

Advantage to WriteWay is that the program keeps track of how many words you have written and that you have a preview view of your book, when it is ready. If you are satisfied, then you export it to different file formats, such as ePub format, PDF, HTML and Docx.

WriteWay is an excellent assistant in the writing of your novel, and works well for beginning writers, and certainly for the more experienced writers. Because the information is well-organized, you manage your book quickly and easily.

WriteWay has the following characteristics:

  • helps you make of structure in the writing of a book,
  • available for free for Windows,
  • add multiple chapters and scenes,
  • add information, such as the plot, the location, the characters and the story,
  • just leave your story in the chapters,
  • saves your progress automatically,
  • export your book to multiple formats.

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You can free download WriteWay and safe install the latest trial or new full version for Windows 10 (x32, 64 bit, 86) from the official site.

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