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The special beer is already on the rise and more and more small breweries emerging in the Netherlands, to make their own beer with enthusiasm on the market. In addition to official breweries, there are increasingly people who as a hobby brewing store and their own IPA or wheat beer. To brew beer you do need a prescription, and you also need to know exactly how the proportions should be. A program such as Brewtarget, comes when called. Brewtarget is a handy application that helps you build recipes and gives you just the right proportions for your beer, such as the right color, bitterness, and other important terms and conditions for a fine glass of brew.

Brewtarget is free to use and available for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.

Home brewing beer is fun, but it must be done. With Brewtarget has all the goals for making beer at each other. Advantage is that the open source program is available in Dutch, which would have recipes handy. The brewing of beer, of course, necessitates precision and knowledge, but with Brewtarget should not be a problem anymore.

The interface is pretty minimalist, but very well-organized and operates largely on the basis of drag-and-drop. It is possible to all by yourself is a recipe to put together, or for recipes to import. If you have a new recipe to make then you click the top of your screen, click the plus icon and give the recipe a name. You will find the same three tabs in the main window: recipe, extras and the brouwdag.

First, you have your recipe put together. The program has dozens of recipes, back to your own taste. Under the tab "Style" you select what kind of beer you want to make, for example, a dark or light beer, and what quantity and what items you have for brewing. Each recipe has a number of categories, to rank them on different criteria, such as color, ingredients or the just mentioned style. The program gives further hints about the taste, the caramelisering, the amount of sugar and hops, and more, and you can add own ingredients. You has the necessary freedom when composing your recipe, but the program makes sure that you are not doing things that your recipe to make soap to help. You can see still a cup in the picture, with the color of your beer.

All recipes are exported to the well-known BeerXML format and share it with others. If your prescription is ready, click on the tab 'Brouwdag' and you will see there step-for-step the whole process that you must go through and when you what ingredients to your brew to add. Brewtarget has handy timers, which is exactly how long certain parts last. It is one of the most useful guides for making your own beer.

Brewtarget has the following characteristics:

  • helps you brew your own beer,
  • free available for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux,
  • Dutch translation is available,
  • features dozens of recipes,
  • create your own recipe in just a few steps,
  • helps you step-by-step in the brewing of your beer,
  • your own recipes are to import,
  • export recipes to BeerXML format.

Brewtarget screenshots


You can free download Brewtarget and safe install the latest trial or new full version for Windows 10 (x32, 64 bit, 86) from the official site.

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