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If you have a blog to write or something else online, then it is a bug lurking. Grammar and the structure of sentences sometimes, and even experienced writers to write something is not quite right. If you have your text in Word or another word-processing type, there is already a spell checker. Online is a different story, and you must hope that your texts immediately. But also there is now a solution for. Grammarly is a service that your texts, e-mails or messages you on your social media post to check for errors. Your spelling is checked and the program gives synonyms and tips of how best to write.

Small caveat is that Grammarly only works in the English language. Grammarly is completely free to use and add it as a plugin to your browser.

The set of Grammarly is very simple. You go to the website of the service provider, where you click on to add to your browser. The service is immediately available as a plugin to your browser has been added and actually works in all major browsers. You have to create an account in order to work. You do that with your Facebook account or with your e-mail address).

You need to Grammarly in this sense, see if your online word-processing program, that enables you to easily text and titles, writing and creating. If you have a text type in Grammarly, for example, for your blog, then recognize the plugin immediately the language and the words. All of the words to be so by the application to be viewed and the words or phrases that are wrong with a red stripe marked.

The wrong words you will find on the left side of your screen, where Grammarly immediately the good version of the word in the green. You need then only on the green words or green word to click and the text will be automatically adjusted. So you don't have a word to re-enter or to adjust. If you are still not satisfied you can click "Undo" and the original word back.

Below the editor you will see immediately how many mistakes there are in total in your document. Words are to ignore or even add to your own dictionary. Grammarly improves not only misspelled words, but also gives you alternatives for poorly-formulated sentences.

In your profile you enter manually words in your online dictionary. In addition, Grammarly is very easy when you have something on your social media, Gmail or LinkedIn writes, where the plugin your text directly monitors and adapt them where necessary. If you are working online in the text editor then is it possible all of these texts online store.

Useful is that it is possible to Grammarly to convert, as you to sites where you know that it is not necessary or if you have enough of it. You will be guaranteed a better writer.

Grammarly offers the following features:

  • free to add as a plugin to your browser,
  • works with all major browsers,
  • log in with an account or your Facebook account,
  • work in the online editor of Grammarly,
  • corrects your spelling errors and gives synonyms,
  • gives tips for sentences,
  • works if you have something on your social media or webmail writes.

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You can free download Grammarly and safe install the latest trial or new full version for Windows 10 (x32, 64 bit, 86) from the official site.

Devices: Desktop PC, Laptop (ASUS, HP, DELL, Acer, Lenovo, MSI), Ultrabook

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