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Wine lovers would like of each wine, the right information and also know what the quality of a wine. You can on the internet search, but also select Vivino. That is a very handy app that gives you all the information about a particular wine, like the grape, the region where the wine comes from and information about the winery. In addition, Vivino also the retail price of the wines. For example, when you are in a restaurant, you can see exactly what is the normal price of that expensive wine is.

Vivino is free to use for iOS and Android. Also online at the site itself is all of the information available.

Vivino is to use without logging in, but when you create an account, you can easily add a private profile building, in which all of your choices, notes, and scans can be stored. An account is quickly created.

Vivino is a very useful wijnscanner, that you in a short time all the information about your wine. The principle is very simple. If you want to know what wine you have or how expensive it is, then scan with your mobile phone the label of the wine. Then comes the app with detailed information about the bottle. Vivino scans a large online database. The app will then let you know where the wine comes from, what grape the wine is made, from which region the wine comes and at what place the wine on the list. Those rankings are divided by country, but there is also a ranking table for the entire world.

You can also add notes, so that others with your findings. On your turn you can also see what others on the of wine written. It is also possible for the wine to assess, what is done in the form of a number of stars that you can give. Vivino has a database of nearly five million wines. When your wine is not found, the app will still looking for, but it may take some time before you get the result. It can also happen that the app of the year is not good, but that is easy to adapt to. You can wines also add to your wish-list. In addition to the information on the bottle, Vivino you much more useful tips. So you can see which food the wine the best possible fit, and also on how many degrees the drink the best can drink. Furthermore, you can wines compare to the wines that you like right buy.

Vivino is a very handy app that allows you consider yourself a true wine connoisseur. The site of Vivino is an extra addition to the information available to the app. On the basis of the wines that you looked up, it develops the app also has a special flavor profile for you. There is also a premium version, which allows you much more information.

Vivino has the following characteristics:

  • free mobile wine app,
  • available for iOS, Android and online,
  • works with and without account,
  • scan your wine label and get same detailed information,
  • has a database of over 500,000 wines,
  • also gives useful serveertips,
  • share your favorite wine through your social media,
  • create a taste profile for you.

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You can free download Vivino and safe install the latest trial or new full version for Windows 10 (x32, 64 bit, 86) from the official site.

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