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Soundcloud is the most used platform for musicians to have their music on. It is also a useful online place for others to listen to your music and right to respond. Here you can find a lot of new music, artists and friends to follow and a lot of podcasts to discover. The social media platform is designed especially for artists and music lovers founded, but offers in addition a wide range of music, news, sports, and audiobooks.

Soundcloud is available for free and is a lot online on the site itself. In addition, there is an app for iOS and Android.

Soundcloud is a playground for new music. Hip-hop, rock, pop, electro, classical, house, jazz, soul and much more, you'll find it all. Before you start using Soundcloud to get started, you must create an account and login. When a profile has been created, you can only make good use of the site and app. You can create a profile as a consumer to create, but also as a musician. In this last you can select your own music to Soundcloud upload. In the free version is limited, but there are several paid versions, where you have much more possibilities. As a consumer, you don't really have to pay, because you have no music to upload.

Music upload is quite simple. You click on upload and Soundcloud will do the rest. However, it is useful to have a number of information to fill in, such as the genre, the number of beats per minute, and possibly a record label or someone your song can buy. Others can your music, then listen, add to a playlist and share it on their own Soundcloud. That works the same for the app and the site. When you're an artist like, you can follow this. You can go by genre, by new music around the leaves and to the stream of new music to listen to, because all of the music on Soundcloud is streamed, although artists may choose to have a track downloadable. You can use numbers like by pressing the heart button and they will be added to your favorites. You flick very fast through different songs and every song, you can pause, advance forward or continue to the next number. You can a number also herposten on your own profile.

The app of Soundcloud looks very neat and is very user-friendly. That is also true for the site. On the home screen, you will see a list of the most popular songs of that time. There is a general list and there are lists by genre. In addition, you will discover with the 'discover' option to a lot of new music, and Soundcloud gives you tips for new music based on songs you already geliked. Soundcloud goes by the name of Soundcloud Go even a private streaming service start, to compete with services like Spotify, Apple's Music and Deezer.

SoundCloud has the following characteristics:

  • share music and to music of others listening,
  • available for free for iOS, Android and online,
  • login with e-mail or Facebook,
  • upload your own music,
  • listen to songs and music by artists,
  • follow musicians and friends,
  • discover new music,
  • gives tips for new music based on tracks that you have geliked,
  • various lists of the most popular music.

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