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Moments is an app of Facebook, that allows you to in a very convenient way photos can share with others. The app makes use of facial recognition, making the app the photos people can link to. That way you can use the photos that people share, and with this app, you are sharing your best photos is now even easier.

Moments is free to use and available for iOS and Android.

The principle of Moments is very simple. When you have the app downloaded, you are prompted to log in. A facebook account is required, otherwise the app works not. Also ask the app to see the photos of people on a Facebook account. That way you can use your photos, namely, easy to link to Facebook friends, and this also will be a lot easier to share.

When you have photos made, they are sorted on the basis of location, but the photos by the face detection also the persons in the photo and the date. With the face detection, your photos are namely linked to the photos of your friends on Facebook.

All photos come in same folder, that you again for sharing with others. Share with someone who Moments is quick and convenient, but you can use the photos to share with people that the app does not have. Who then get a message on Facebook, containing a preview of the folder you want to share. Because the folder with photos, you also have a private name can give, share with friends, and get explicit permission, you synchronize all your photos with your Facebook friends. So you don't have more photos to send via email or Whatsapp, but share them quickly through Moments. Your friends with a simple click of the photos to add to their Moments. Of course, you can also photo albums of friends received. You and your friends can photos directly to share on Facebook or Instagram, but you need the pictures to not make it public, and you can also keep to yourself. The photos are stored in the cloud from Facebook.

Moments is a convenient way to share photos and view them, which you may already have forgotten. This is useful for example, if you've been somewhere or a party has had. The photos of that location and of that day in one album and are then automatically shared with the people that were present.

Moments also has a handy search function, which allows you on-location and date to photos can search. Your privacy remains protected and you don't need to be afraid that your photos on the street. The photos can only be shared with the people in them.

Moments has the following characteristics:

  • app to share pictures offered by Facebook,
  • free for iOS and Android,
  • log in with your Facebook account,
  • share quickly and easily your photo albums,
  • sorts photos based on location, date and friends,
  • share photos conveniently via Facebook or Instagram,
  • share only with people in the picture.

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You can free download Moments and safe install the latest trial or new full version for Windows 10 (x32, 64 bit, 86) from the official site.

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