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Whatsappen or texting behind the wheel is extremely dangerous and causes many accidents. Nonetheless, a lot of people. 1 in 8 Dutch people send regularly a message via the smartphone while driving and there is even often not hands-free calls. For many people it is difficult to control the temptation of the phone to resist and that is bad for road safety. Samsung comes with a solution, which ensures that you are not with your phone to work while driving. In-Traffic Reply is an app that automatically responds to incoming messages when you are driving. Samsung is doing this under the motto 'Wheel, smartphone los'.

In-Traffic Reply is completely free to use and only available for Android.

Samsung wants to be with In-Traffic Reply prevent that people are distracted by their smartphone. The number of road deaths in the Netherlands continues to rise, and that has partly to do with the fact that motorists often their smartphone while driving.

In-Traffic Reply is a handy app that very simple and that allows the driver the phone does not need to hold. The app will automatically work when the road and you are faster than 10 miles per hour. You will still get a notification that the app is active. The app responds automatically to incoming messages and calls. The app sends itself a message to the sender of the message that you just received with the communication that you are driving.

It is handy that In-Traffic Reply direct link to Whatsapp and even Facebook, so that posts that these services come directly to get an answer. You do there, nothing to do.

In the comments, you can choose from three options: a ‘Standard reply’, ‘Fun ' reply’ or 'reply'. By default, the app will know that you are driving and thus are unable to reach you. As a second option, it is possible to choose an animation as an answer back to send, that is the ‘Fun reply', and the last option allows you to set a private, personal response in which you compose themselves and then, as the answer is given. Your contact person know immediately that you're not available. The app also provides no notifications, which are temporarily on halt, so that will you no more be derived and responses are only to contacts sent.

In-Traffic Reply responds only once per contact per journey. If someone you during your journey, several messages will then respond to the app only the first time. In group discussion responding to the app not. Furthermore, In-Traffic Reply on the basis of the built-in activiteitssensor or GPS.

A handy app for if you are often in your car. In-Traffic Reply ensures that you have uninterrupted runs and all of your attention on the road.

In-Traffic Reply has the following characteristics:

  • reacts automatically to incoming messages and calls,
  • becomes active when you hit the road and drive faster than 10 kilometres per hour,
  • available for free for Android,
  • to link to Whatsapp and Facebook,
  • put all notifications to silent,
  • choice of three answer possibilities: by Default, reply, Fun reply or Personal reply,
  • responding once per contact, per car,
  • does not work with group conversations.

In-Traffic Reply screenshots

screenshot-In-Traffic Reply-1
screenshot-In-Traffic Reply-2

You can free download In-Traffic Reply and safe install the latest trial or new full version for Windows 10 (x32, 64 bit, 86) from the official site.

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