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UPDATE: Opera VPN is unfortunately no longer active since april 2018. Look for a free alternative in our list of VPN software and apps.

More and more browsers want to avoid a digital trail it leaves behind and build therefore a VPN , a virtual private network. This prevents you that you are online to follow. For your desktop you can use the Opera browser and the built-in VPN, but for your mobile phone, you can download the app. When you makes use of Opera VPN, you can your virtual location change, so that you do not to find and, for example, to block ads. Opera is already a well-known browser, where privacy is of paramount importance and with this VPN, the creators went a step further. Your safety and privacy are fully guaranteed.

Opera VPN is absolutely free and if app available for iOS and Android.

The Norwegian software vendor Opera made a name with browsers for your phone, tablet or desktop, but throws it over the VPN bow. By this app for free, everyone can very easily use it. The creators are working together with SurfEasy, a well-known VPN developer, who was previously acquired by Opera. The technology of the VPN of Opera is, therefore, based on that SurfEasy.

You can use the app without restrictions, which means that you there unlimited can work with, without sacrificing speed and bandwidth to deliver. When you've downloaded the app, you need to add it to the settings of your phone. The connection if IPSec connection is added to your telephone and will work in all the apps on your phone. Then you have a private profile in the app to create.

When the app opens, you can immediately browse the internet. The internet traffic is by this VPN routed through a different server, usually abroad. You can then surf anonymously. Before you go surfing, you can select one of the five virtual locations to choose from: Germany, the Netherlands, the USA, Singapore and Canada. Then connect the app with that location, and your ip address changes, and so you online can't follow. Opera VPN works with encrypted connections, which is especially useful if you are using a public wi-fi connection to the internet. You can choose your location constantly change, which makes browsing extra remains safe and giving you specific blocks to avoid. You turn the VPN on, but the browsing you do in the browser that you are used to.

Useful to this VPN app is that it has to be an adblocker is, allowing you to block ads. That is very simple on and off, and Opera VPN ensures that advertentietrackers you are not able to follow. This will prevent advertisers to harass you with specific commercials and ads. Opera VPN is a fast and fine VPN to work and that the program is completely free, without any restriction, is unique.

Opera VPN has the following features:

  • available for free for iOS and Android,
  • works with and without login,
  • add the VPN connection to the settings of your phone,
  • the VPN is IPSec connection is added to your telephone,
  • choose from five virtual locations,
  • surf with an encrypted connection,
  • ensures that you anonymous surfing,
  • has an integrated adblocker.

Opera VPN screenshots

screenshot-Opera VPN-1
screenshot-Opera VPN-2

You can free download Opera VPN and safe install the latest trial or new full version for Windows 10 (x32, 64 bit, 86) from the official site.

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