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Privacy is a sensitive topic and many people and companies are very involved. It is very important that you use services or devices that you use protects, by means of a password, a pin code or a fingerprint. Many applications or services that you use contain sensitive information about you, and you do not want third parties to dispose thereof. Your smartpone or tablet is in the same way secured, with a pin or a fingerprint, making it for others is hard to get access to your phone. But when your device has been unlocked, others have free play. If you have your children, for example, use of the apps on your phone. Therefore, it is useful to have certain apps still add extra protection and you have to do that with Norton App Lock. This app allows you to protect individual apps, which others here have no access to. You give each app on your phone which need to be protected.

Norton App Lock is free to use and only available for Android.

With Norton App Lock brings you an extra layer of security to your phone or tablet. You set a pin or a schermvergrendelingspatroon in for the apps, and to lock and again to unlock.

After you've installed the app, you must still give access to your phone and you have to do that in the settings. You will then create a four-digit pin or a pattern to the app itself to encrypt and this is also the way to access the apps you use with Norton App Lock is secure. It is possible to e-mail address to use if you have forgotten your password. Then you go to the apps to add extra that you want to protect. If you are running Norton App Lock is open then you instantly get an overview of all the apps on your phone or tablet.

Behind every app, you will see a lock and if you click on the green. That means that this app is now extra protected with Norton App Lock. Then, when you secure apps want to open it appears a screen from Norton App Lock, where you enter the pin or schermvergrendelingspatroon need to enter, that you previously created for Norton App Lock itself. When an app is unlocked and you have access to it. Norton App Lock offers an anti-theft function. This is a picture of the unauthorized access that an app tries to open and that picture will be saved in the photo folder of your device.

Norton App Lock is a convenient way for apps to protect and lock which is not itself a security. Doing so protects sensitive information on your phone and tablet and prevents even nasty broekzakgesprekken, because you set simple in that the code or the pattern must enter before a call is started. The app even has a parental control feature, which lets you use your apps keep private when your children play games or watch a video.

Norton App Lock has the following characteristics:

  • available for free for Android,
  • adds an extra beveilingingslaag to your phone or tablet
  • create a four-digit pin or a schermvergrendelingspatroon,
  • add all of the apps that you want additional security,
  • release apps to the set pin, or schermvergrendelingspatroon,
  • has an anti-theft function,
  • contains parental controls.

Norton App Lock screenshots

screenshot-Norton App Lock-1
screenshot-Norton App Lock-2

You can free download Norton App Lock and safe install the latest trial or new full version for Windows 10 (x32, 64 bit, 86) from the official site.

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