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When you transfer files from your computer, they are automatically placed in the recycle bin. If they are then permanently from your system to remove, then you simply your recycle bin is empty. Yet it happens sometimes that there are certain files for some reason do not disappear and are left behind in the trash. Those files are then locked. With a special program, such as Trash It, is it possible these files later to delete it. Trash It forces a removal, giving your recycle bin is empty again.

Trash It is completely free to use, but only available for Mac OS X.

If you are the trash of your Mac want to empty, it wants some files or programs fail and may even cause problems. It is useful to have to Trash It to install, because it prevents this from happening. Trash It is a simple program, that have no other options than emptying the trash on your Mac. It is quickly downloaded and do not have to be installed.

Before you download you need to the settings of your Mac to adjust. You do that in settings and then go to 'Security and Privacy', then to 'General' and then fill in the 'Allow apps downloaded from' Anywhere. If these settings are already as you do, of course, nothing to do.

The program works very simple, as it will appear on your desktop. You drag there the files you want to delete. In addition, there is the possibility of the program to open, after which you not much more than a window, where you insleept. From here, click 'delete' and the files will be deleted. It makes you a choice between remove persistent files, slow removal or the quick option.

When all files removed from the recycle bin is the icon of the Trash It, a trash can, green. The advantage to this program is that it not only works to your recycle bin to empty it, but that you have the continue to use to folders or deleting files on your hard drive, and you do not even have to go to the trash can to move. Here the same principle applies. You drag these files or folders in Trash It, and the program removes them still. You will have your admin password, so the program knows for sure that you and not someone else the files to be deleted. If no password on your Mac, then the application may not be.

With Trash It deletes you can easily use a file, or multiple files at the same time. As soon as the Trash It is finished with the remove your files, you will receive a notification. The creators advise you to use this program as a last resort. First, try the usual way your files and if nothing works, you make use of Trash It. That cleans up nice.

Trash It has the following features:

  • delete persistent or locked files and folders,
  • available for free for Mac OS X,
  • make your recycle bin is empty,
  • working with files and folders on your hard drive,
  • delete multiple files at the same time,
  • enter for the final removal of your admin password.

Trash It screenshots

screenshot-Trash It-1
screenshot-Trash It-2

You can free download Trash It and safe install the latest trial or new full version for Windows 10 (x32, 64 bit, 86) from the official site.

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