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Big chance that the hard drives on your computer are divided into partitions. A lot of people do because it is easier to work with and the chance that your system crashes a bit smaller. In addition, an external hard drive regularly. All of these drives and partitions containing folders and files, which is handy to search, or to see if there are any harmful files on. You can do that easily with Active@Disk Editor . That is a program to take the data on your disks to search, edit and, where necessary, to restore. You can navigate with Disk Editor easy through the folder structure on your computer or external hard drive and the program supports a lot of different file formats. It sees almost everything and you know right away if there is possibly something wrong.

Active@Disk Editor is completely free to use and available for Windows and Linux.

When you install software there is a possibility that junk files installed. Before you know it, a virus or malware on your system, which almost can not find. Certainly if the virus or malware has spread over multiple drives. Active@Disk Editor gives you access to all the levels in your system, so also on certain layers that you would otherwise have missed.

The program is quickly installed and when you open it, you are in a home, with on the left side menu where you will find all your hard disks see. If you are on a disk or on a partition then you will see in the middle of your screen all parts and folders. To search all drives and folders, and you can do this for example with the Master Boot Record, GUID Partition Table, NTFS, FAT32, HFS+ Volume Header, and more. You search real hard disks, and virtual disks and the program makes an analysis of. Then look at the contents of every drive, partition, folder or even a file.

You search with this program the raw sectors of your system and editing and viewing files in hexadecimal form. You will receive detailed information and to change easily the ASCII or Unicode values of various hard disk sectors. In addition to all this, Active@Disk Editor, a powerful search function, which allows you to easily search for specific files you are looking for or that you have a specific sector searches. The application works with handy shortcuts, allowing you to easily the program navigate. There is even a possibility of the ANSI input to translate to Hex, or Unicode, to make it easier to search. Further, create simple bookmarks to specific information or locations to store and easy to find.

With Active@Disk Editor to open and view specific files, even if it in a normal way not to open or view. The editor let you enter information at the same time binary and in modes. You fit with the program a certain sector. The program requires some knowledge, because really it is not easy.

Active@ Disk Editor has the following features:

  • gives directly all the structures, sectors, drives, and folders,
  • free available for Windows and Linux,
  • quick and easy to install,
  • analyze all of your files,
  • easy access to all files,
  • edit and view files in hexadecimal form.

Active@ Disk Editor screenshots

screenshot-Active@ Disk Editor-1
screenshot-Active@ Disk Editor-2

You can free download Active@ Disk Editor and safe install the latest trial or new full version for Windows 10 (x32, 64 bit, 86) from the official site.

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