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The number of road accidents continues every year to increase. This increase is largely caused by the use of smartphones behind the wheel. For many people it is still difficult to their smartphone left during the drive. Research shows that it is going to certainly 89 per cent of the road users. There is that more and more often resistance against, and there are, therefore, more apps are developed to ensure that directors not more by their unit to be derived. Insurer Interpolis do with the app car mode a coin in the bag. The purpose of the app is to smartphonegebruik among motorists to reduce, with the emphasis on young people, and so increasing safety.

Auto mode is completely free to use and available for iPhone and Android.

Many drivers use their phone while driving to navigate, call, or still take a quick appje to read or to answer. This makes them a danger on the road. At 68 percent of the traffic accidents plays a diversion a role, and the phone is the main cause. With auto mode ensures you for you to not so much distracted in traffic.

The app wants access to your location, because on the basis of GPS your speed is calculated. Then you must just sign up and you will do with your e-mail address or your Facebook account, then you still have some personal details. The reason for this is that the app rewards you if you use your phone not be used at all while driving, even hands-free to call. You should the screen do not touch. You will earn points automatically.

Before you get behind the wheel, though turn the app on and your smartphone is immediately in ‘automotive mode’. Your screen is immediately locked and not to use it. You still have the choice between ‘you Go now’ and ‘not Yet’. If you are not going to drive then there's a reminder for. Earning of points starts, when you up faster than 10 miles per hour. With auto mode ensures that you do not drive notifications, push notifications, and more updates on your smartphone. So you are not distracted by all sorts of notifications, and the sounds of it.

It remains possible to play music from your phone, and to the navigation. If you are at your destination, the app will be unlocked and you will immediately see what fun information about your trip, such as the distance driven and the average speed. With the app wants the insurer ultimately the number of accidents in the traffic reduce by around 25 percent.

Put yourself and others in danger, and install the car mode app on your phone.

Auto mode has the following characteristics:

  • locks down your smartphone while driving,
  • available for free for iOS and Android,
  • get during your ride, no notifications, push notifications, and updates,
  • calculates your speed based on GPS,
  • music and navigation are to use,
  • earn points if you use your phone not be used at all.

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You can free download AutoModus and safe install the latest trial or new full version for Windows 10 (x32, 64 bit, 86) from the official site.

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