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A PDF is one of the most commonly used file formats. It is an easy way, because a PDF to edit and to read. A PDF file is to protect, for example, with a password, but if you have information on a PDF that you do not want others to copy it, then you should be looking for other ways. The easiest way is to place a watermark on your PDF file to add, and that is easy to do with PDF Watermark. With this program, simply place a watermark over the text or over an image on your PDF. If your document is largely secured against theft. The application is very user friendly and looks uncluttered.

PDF Watermark is free to use and available for Windows.

How to add a watermark does not need to be complicated, proves PDF Watermark. With this intuitive program you have that in a few steps, and the number of PDF files that you this add is unlimited. The file is small and the program is lightweight and requires therefore only a little of the memory and the processor of your computer.

After the program has started, it is possible to have the files where you have a watermark want to add to upload. That you can do with the program itself or drag the desired files into the appropriate window. The use of the application is, therefore, very low. After a PDF has been uploaded, there is still a ‘preview’ to preview, so you immediately again to see what places you want to add a watermark.

Before the watermark is added, you must decide what type of watermark you want to use. There is a number of options, where multiple things, such as the color, the font size and the transparency of your watermark. This is for the watermarks to a text. For the watermarks on an image are the preferences a little less large and gives you the level of transparency, as well as the size of the watermark. In addition, you specify which pages have a watermark should contain. Configure this in the settings. Here you are immediately in the text in your watermark. You should still be able to choose between the options "Text Watermark" or "Image Watermark", which allows you to indicate whether a text watermark or a watermark with an image on your file. If you choose to have an image as the watermark to add then you still have the possibility to do an image of your choice to upload.

You decide if the latest on what places and how often a watermark on a page. If you have all the settings adjusted, click at the bottom of the screen and click "Start" and the watermarks added to your PDF file. Once you have your PDF after the process, it opens you will immediately see the watermark at the place or places that you have indicated. PDF Watermark has a batch function for multiple PDF files at the same time, a watermark.

PDF Watermark has the following characteristics:

  • add a watermark to your PDF file,
  • available for free for Windows,
  • choice of a text watermark or a picture watermark,
  • upload a PDF or drag them into the program,
  • configure the settings for the watermark,
  • determine where and how often the watermark needs to be added,
  • has a batch function for multiple PDF files at the same time to edit.

PDF Watermark screenshots

screenshot-PDF Watermark-1
screenshot-PDF Watermark-2

You can free download PDF Watermark and safe install the latest trial or new full version for Windows 10 (x32, 64 bit, 86) from the official site.

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