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There is a number of browser that the market control and be used by everyone. However, every now and then there's a new browser out, to fight it out with the regular browsers are concerned. A good example is Avira Scout. This is a browser of the German anti-virusbedrijf Avira, with your privacy and security are at the top. The browser is based on Chromium, where a browser like Chrome also made. What appearance is concerned, Avira Scout quite a bit away from Chrome, so that feels good.

Avira Scout is completely free to use, but only available for Windows.

UPDATE: Avira Scout is no longer offered. Look for a free alternative in our overview of the free PC browsers.

Avira Scout is a fast browser, that really can compete with some of the better known browsers. The install is very quick. If you Avira Scout for the first time, then you will immediately see that the browser automatically all the settings, history, passwords and bookmarks from your current browser has been imported. You don't have to convert and that is pretty handy.

Your safety is very important for Avira and is so central. The creators make use of different things. First of all, your connection is fully end-to-end encrypted, so you are always safe online. Furthermore, Avira Scout Privacy Badger integrated. That is a plugin of the American civil rights movement EFF. Together with the Avira Browser Safety ensures Avira Scout that by default, all types of trackers, malware and phishing sites blocked. In that way, for sites like Facebook or Twitter is not possible your data traffic to keep an eye on.

The browser uses the database of Avira to indicate if you have a dangerous website. You will get a notification. Another point where Avira Scout strong is your wi-fi connection. If you are somewhere using a public wi-fi connection, then it is very easy for hackers to get your communication to be intercepted. Avira Scout automatically ensures that websites use the https protocol, the so-called HTTPs Everywhere technology. Thus, your data is automatically encrypted and it is for other users or attackers impossible to use the data that you send or receive. Also collects Avira Scout your data is not what most browsers do.

Because Chromium is an open source code from Google, it is constantly updated. Avira Scout says there, to anticipate, and the browser each time to update when a new version appears of Chromium, so there are no gaps fall in the security.

Avira Scout is definitely an eye-catching browser with regard to security and is a browser that is quick and enjoyable to work with, where your privacy is not compromised. The advantage is that you no extra add-ons don't need to install, that should ensure that your online traces be erased, because Avira Scout has all of that at home already.

Avira Scout has the following features:

  • free browser focused on privacy protection,
  • available for Microsoft Windows,
  • quick and easy to install,
  • automatically imports all your settings, data, bookmarks and history from your default browser,
  • has your privacy and safety are paramount,
  • works with an encrypted connection,
  • let websites use the HTTPs Everywhere technology,
  • stores your data for anything else.

Avira Scout screenshots

screenshot-Avira Scout-1
screenshot-Avira Scout-2

You can free download Avira Scout and safe install the latest trial or new full version for Windows 10 (x32, 64 bit, 86) from the official site.

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