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Within Mac OS, different settings may be changed which you have the opportunity at first sight can't see. These configuration options of the operating system and some built-in apps are hidden, TinkerTool makes it easy accessible in one window with tabs for each category. This program is completely free to install.

TinkerTool is a free program that can make it simple for Mac owners to a number of settings for the operating system to change. This makes no modifications to the Mac OS, and so it is safe to use. You will also no admin rights required to use the tool.

With TinkerTool, you can show hidden files, folders and system files show, sound effects, disable animation effects off, avoid the time and date information in the name of a saved screenshot to be included, etc.
These are all settings that are also in a different way can be adjusted via the interface of the operating system itself. The only thing TinkerTool does is that it makes the possibilities more clearly shows it, and adjusting it easier.

TinkerTool has the following characteristics:

  • free Mac OS settings,
  • to change options in categories,
  • no need to have administrator rights to use software,
  • the program does not change the components of the system,
  • available only for Mac operating systems.

TinkerTool screenshots


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