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Within your organization should hope to happen. Different people with different tasks and projects involved and you must have a clear picture of. You have to do that with a project management program that. That is a software that allows you all of the projects and the tasks associated within your organisation efficiently and effectively monitors and manages. A good program to do that is Orangescrum. That is an open source project management application that allows anyone within your organization can collaborate. The program is suitable for small and medium-sized companies. You and your employees to manage simple projects, measure the length of time and with Orangescrum you planning new projects, assign tasks to employees and all work is monitored.

Orangescrum is a free application, that still have a paid version has. The open source version of the program is to install on your own server space and runs in the cloud. The paid version is hosted by the company behind Orangescrum and you do not have to install and maintain.

Orangescrum is a program that allows anyone within your organization all of the projects follows and contributes to. Teams do that in the office or remotely, so that the way of working more efficiently. Useful is that all of the projects and the progress of projects on a single screen.

Orangescrum is written in PHP, so your server must support this. After downloading the program is easy to create a new database on your server and install Orangescrum there. The program is then available in your browser, so that you can always and everywhere access.

Orangescrum is a flexible program, which is a Kanban appearance and is integrated with Drive and Dropbox. If the program opens then it is easy to create a new task or a new project, you to another user assign or several people to invite. You are give a new task a name, a deadline, a priority, and possibly that you e-mail want to be kept informed. All of your employees work on their project or task, communicate easily reach over with your team and add simple documents, so that everyone understands. Other users respond directly to the assigned task.

Useful is the scrum board, on which you have an overview of all the tasks that need to be done. On the left you see everything that is in motion must be, and right are all completed tasks. In between you can fill in the columns of the progress. In this way you and your team on what is important and you will see a visual progress of a project. In addition, it is easy to plan tasks, deadlines, and features Orangescrum a number of templates, which you want to edit.

With Orangescrum are notifications, comments and add notes to a task or project and updates are real-time, so that everyone immediately of a change to a task or project looks. The added files are to download and to each other, to emailing, because you easily integrates your e-mail.

Orangescrum has the following characteristics:

  • free project management program,
  • to install on your own server space,
  • working in the cloud,
  • create tasks and projects and assign to your team,
  • has a handy scrum board,
  • add documents, notes, comments, and more to tasks and projects,
  • clear way of communicating.

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You can free download Orangescrum and safe install the latest trial or new full version for Windows 10 (x32, 64 bit, 86) from the official site.

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