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Algadoo is a unique way to get acquainted with physics. It is a two-dimensional program in which the real world in a playful way is being simulated and where the user is going to experiment with models and forces of nature. You create a very simple interesting new models and objects, where only your imagination is the limit. Algodoo is very suitable for children and especially for students an accessible way to with physics to go. It is very educational.

Algodoo is free to use and the software is available for Windows, Mac OS X and iOS. For iOS the app works only on the iPad.

Algodoo is a 2D sandbox program, which means that you as a user wandering around a digital platform. The program is quick to install and as soon as you open it occupies the immediately your entire screen. What you then see is a kind of drawing board and drawing on the digital board to go to work.

You start with an empty board and every time that you restart with an empty board would like to have is that easy to create under the tab 'File'. It is possible to choose from a large number of templates or scenes to get started. Here it is possible to use different types of objects and mechanisms to create, such as a car or a pulley, and in a way that, for example, they react with each other or move. As the player makes use of mathematical and physics understanding, and you'll constantly have to deal with physical elements such as gravity, light, and water.

If you do not immediately know how or where to start then it is possible to make use of the creations of other users or of the built-in library, for the import or export of scenes is simple.

You must have Algodoo seen as a kind of simulator, where you with loads of elements playing. You create those elements yourself, by drawing or by objects, and all elements and objects are to be linked, of different colors and there are a lot of functionalities for the processes to run smoothly. The good thing about Algodoo is that it really helps to understand how physical processes work and with the program, all the processes are visualized. You create different scenarios and it is here weather animations. Zoom In and out is easy, giving you a larger area used.

You create fantastic buildings, carriages, airplanes, lasers, chains, pulleys and much more. Further, it is possible to with Algodoo fun games to create and you are sharing your creations simple with others. For that option you need to be logged in. The dynamic program requires quite a bit of the memory and the processor of your computer, so on old or slow computers, it might be a bit harder to use.

Algodoo includes the following features:

  • get started with physical elements and objects,
  • available for free for Windows and Mac OS X,
  • has an app for iOS which is available only for iPad,
  • is a dynamic sandbox program,
  • choose from over 5000 templates and scenes,
  • work with mechanisms and draw your own figures,
  • share your creations simple with others.

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You can free download Algodoo and safe install the latest trial or new full version for Windows 10 (x32, 64 bit, 86) from the official site.

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