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The longer and more you use your Mac, the greater the chance that this slowly volstroomt with unnecessary files. That is not necessary and your system is a lot slower. It is, therefore, good to regularly update your system to clean it, so that the unnecessary files are removed and your Mac like a breeze. AVG Cleaner is a good solution to your hard drive to clean up. The program scans your system for unnecessary and duplicate files and duplicate files that you never could find.

AVG Cleaner is a free application, which is available only for Mac OS X.

AVG Cleaner is already known as a useful antivirus program, but the creators have more in their march. That they prove with AVG Cleaner for Mac. This program encourages not only the double and thus unnecessary files on your Mac, but recognizes in addition, unnecessary cache, cookies, log files, old downloads and other unwanted files and removes them. In addition, the temporary files of several apps, cleared away and the history of your browser clean. All of which is very useful, because even the hard disk of a Mac touch at a given moment, is full.

AVG Cleaner for Mac is a lightweight program that is downloaded and installed, and that you every day, your system is custom on unnecessary files.

The program works very simple. After you installed, you specify which parts of your hard disk it searched. Then click under 'Disk Cleaner' on the 'Scan Now', and the program will scan your computer. You will then see immediately how many MB or GB are there to duplicate, and unnecessary files on your system. These then appear in a list, which in turn is divided in certain parts of your Mac, including a folder called downloads. Then, you decide which files to be removed, by the certain parts to check.

The entire process is very fast. Than click on 'Clean' and the files will be immediately deleted. If that is completed, let AVG Cleaner to see how many MB or GB it eventually is removed. You should do the same then, under 'Duplicate Finder', which will scan your system looking for duplicate videos, mp3s, photos and documents. Also here you can see the progress of the process and check you in, a list of which files you eventually want to delete.

You set it so that the program automatically every day, or every week, your hard drive analyses and the unwanted and duplicate files to clean up. In the menu, are the settings for both types of scan and is it possible certain folders or files to exclude from scanning. It is a waste of space on your hard disk to make all these unnecessary files on. They take not only a lot of space, but also require the necessary of the memory of your Mac. With this program your Mac without problems.

AVG Cleaner for Mac has the following features:

  • cleans up your computer system,
  • available for free for Mac,
  • choose from two ways to your drive to clean: Disk Cleaner and Duplicate Finder,
  • search results appear in a list,
  • check the files you want to delete,
  • scan your system automatically on a per day or per week.

AVG Cleaner for Mac screenshots

screenshot-AVG Cleaner for Mac-1
screenshot-AVG Cleaner for Mac-2

You can free download AVG Cleaner for Mac and safe install the latest trial or new full version for Windows 10 (x32, 64 bit, 86) from the official site.

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