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Frequently, there are popular torrent-streaming services like Popcorn Time taken offline by collecting societies. Often dive it again in a new variant, or there are simply new streaming services. Webtorrent is a good example of this.

Webtorrent is a streaming service for torrents that are working online. All you need to do is no software or plugins to install, but you share files directly with others from within your browser. This is useful if you are not able a file to install it. Recently, however, there is still a version for the desktop, to install it on Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux systems. The open source program is completely free to use.

Webtorrent is a convenient service that lets you relatively easily torrents streams. The web version is created in Javascript and makes use of WebRTC, so there is a peer-to-peer network. The lightweight version for your computer is quickly downloaded and installed. For both cases, what to say and it depends on your preference where you prefer to work with. For the web version is some knowledge necessary.

Webtorrent looks modern, simple and uncluttered. You have to get to work. Services such as Popcorn Time or Kodi offer a full schedule of movies and series, but that is Webtorrent is not the case. You must just like a torrent client search for torrents, and this in the import program. Works Webtorrent with a magnetlink or you drag a torrent file simply in the program.

When you have done that then Webtorrent to find sufficient peers to be able to stream. You are watching a movie or series soon as there are enough peers are found and you don't have to wait until a file is completely downloaded. The viewing of a movie or series is done with the built-in media player. The web version works similar, but is more complicated. You must in any case webtorrent.min.js to implement on your site and node.js it is necessary to be installed. A full manual can be found on the website of the provider.

Webtorrent working online with, that allows you to in the same way as the desktop version a torrenbestand import or magnetlink add.

Webtorrent commends itself as a legal streaming service, as it makes any further use of videos of the Internet Archive, like Youtube, music from Creative Commons or audiobooks from Librivox. Who plays you, just like your own torrent file, direct. In addition, you can share files very easily with others. The desktop version further supports the use of subtitles, which you can easily load by selecting them or by the .srt or .vtt files into the program drag.

With Webtorrent Desktop streams you simple to AirPlay, Chromecast and DLNA devices. Netflix is already impressed, so who knows this service is a longer life than comparable services.

WebTorrent has the following characteristics:

  • streams a file before the download is complete,
  • free available for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux,
  • also works without installation in your browser,
  • looks easy a well-organized,
  • select a magnetlink or drag a torrentlink in the program,
  • easily share files via a link with others,
  • works with subtitles,
  • Webtorrent Desktop stream to AirPlay, Chromecast and DLNA devices.

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You can free download WebTorrent and safe install the latest trial or new full version for Windows 10 (x32, 64 bit, 86) from the official site.

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