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The German anti-virusbedrijf Avira is an all-rounder. The company has a good virus scanner, an excellent search engine and provides it with Avira Browser Safety for you safe online. Avira Browser Safety (ABS) is an add-on for your browser and Avira used this standard in its own browser Scout. Avira Browser Safety is similar to an add-on as Privacy Badger of the American civil rights movement EFF and if you are installing the plugin make sure that you are online not more to follow. The service blocks trackers and malware and phishing sites.

Avira Browser Safety is completely free to use and so is available as a plugin to add it to your browser.

Who today access the internet must ensure that this is safe. There are a lot of competitors on the coast and everything you want to know, on your system is to break through and every digital step that you do follow. Avira Browser Safety is a simple, minimally invasive way to ensure that you are safe online and that your privacy is ensured.

ABS is from the website of Avira with a simple click in your browser to add, but the plugin currently works only for Chrome, Opera and Firefox. Edge, Internet Explorer and Safari are not yet working well. If you have the plugin for this last sites want to use, then it is possible to your e-mail address to leave behind at Avira, and a message to get as the for this browsers. If you have the add-on has been added then it works immediately and you are immediately protected.

Browser Safety carried out a number of important tasks for you. For example, if you enter a search query in your search engine, then will the plugin the search results rate, so that you know, or a website where you want to go reliably. ABS checks, so actually all the sites you want to visit and if a site is not safe or is fraudulent then it is immediately blocked.

Another important feature is the ontraceerbaar of your browser activities. Avira Browser Safety analyses all the web sites that you visit, and prevents the tracks from companies tracking you. Many companies work with invisible trackers, that your behavior in the holes, so that, for example, they are specifically advertising to you. Avira Browser Safety makes these companies you do not monitor and block these advertisers and ads right for you.

In addition, Avira Browser Safety sure that you have the confidence to surf and loves the plugin in the holes which sites are infected. Per month are more than 80 million malicious sites blocked.

To further guard from the plugin for the download of potentially unwanted applications. You are you are often not aware of this, and because a so-called PUA unnoticed with downloaded is if you use a different program to download.

Avira Browser Safety has the following features:

  • free plugin your PC and privacy, and protects,
  • as a plugin to Chrome, Firefox, and Opera,
  • works immediately ,
  • hudt which sites you monitor and block,
  • blocks trackers and malware and phishing sites,
  • prevents unwanted applications to download.

Avira Browser Safety screenshots

screenshot-Avira Browser Safety-1
screenshot-Avira Browser Safety-2

You can free download Avira Browser Safety and safe install the latest trial or new full version for Windows 10 (x32, 64 bit, 86) from the official site.

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