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Without tools anonymous surfing on the internet is now unfortunately no longer possible. A huge amount of companies and other stakeholders would like to be your browsing habits to know, so they, for example, their ads on can focus. This is not only your privacy heavily in the proceedings, but you will receive unsolicited one after the other ad. To protect yourself against these practices to protect yourself, it is useful to a service such as Privacy Badger to use.

Privacy Badger is an application that scripts, cookies, hidden trackers and block ads, your browsing activities map try to bring. Privacy Badger is completely free to use and as a plugin to add it to your browser.

Privacy Badger is an initiative of the American civil rights movement Electronic Frontier Foundation and should make sure that your surfing habits can't follow without your permission. The EFF says that this plugin slightly differently than similar anti-trackers. Many people use an ad-blocker, which more or less does the same, but not all ad blockers are to trust and there are even ad-blockers that your surfing habits yet to disclose to the parties that made them pay for it. If you have Privacy Badger uses than you has little more to do, because everything is done for you, and third parties are automatically blocked.

The add-on is very user friendly and works quite simple.

The only thing that you need to do is the plugin from the site of the provider to add it to your browser. This works immediately. Currently working on Privacy Badger only for Chrome, Firefox and Opera, but ultimately we want the creators to expand to more browsers. Privacy Badger is a so-called smart, self-learning plugin, which monitors which websites you visit and any cookies used for this purpose. If there are cookies or hidden trackers are found who are known or often by certain parties to be used, then these will be blocked.

Although your browsing habits no more by others will be followed if you use this plugin, you will still have ads. These are not ads that make use of tracking techniques, so that they are safe to be labelled. Your privacy is the most important thing for the EFF.

If you want to change settings of Privacy Badger and other useful information want to read, then you can do that by clicking on the icon of the plugin in your browser. Here you can arrange, for example, that the add-on certain cookies are allowed to pass through, for example, for a website that you regularly visit, and where cookies are really required.

Because many of the ads are blocked, websites will load faster, which is an additional advantage. Further, the chance that malware on your computer is a lot smaller if you have Privacy Badger.

Privacy Badger has the following characteristics:

  • free your browsing, shielding,
  • as a plugin to add it to your browser,
  • available for Chrome, Firefox and Opera,
  • blocks scripts, cookies, hidden trackers and ads,
  • fast and easy to use,
  • ensures that companies and third parties, and your browsing behaviors.

Privacy Badger's screenshots

screenshot-Privacy Badger-1
screenshot-Privacy Badger-2

You can free download Privacy Badger and safe install the latest trial or new full version for Windows 10 (x32, 64 bit, 86) from the official site.

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