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For many it is a dream and for only a few is the reality: the space to enter. With Orbiter Space Flight Simulator you will not really have the space, but you can get a real astronaut delusions. With this program, you complete missions in space run. You can various spacecraft control and planets and moons up close. This is your chance to get in higher spheres, to end up, and this simulator seems pretty really.

Orbiter Space Flight Simulator is a free application, which is available only for Windows.

Orbiter Space Flight Simulator is a pretty impressive ruimtevaartsimulator and fictional journeys through space was never so much fun. The file is quite large, so the download and then install some of your time to ask.

The work of an astronaut is not easy and for this simulator, you should also take a good sit down, to have everything below the knee. That is because the simulator is based on what happens in a real space shuttle crazy. Things such as gravity, the way of moving in space and the celestial bodies are as good as possible, imitated. You control the game with your keyboard and mouse. The game looks graphically very nice and realistic, and contains many sounds that you hear when you are really in the room would sit.

You can use this application in different spacecraft control, where you have a choice between real spaceships, such as the space Shuttle Atlantis, the Mir, the Hubble space telescope and the International Space Station, and fictional, including the Delta-Glider, Lunar Wheel Drive, Shuttle-A and Dragonfly. In addition, you can have several add-ons download. There are different missions and tasks that you can perform. As you can the Space Shuttle from Kennedy Space center launch to the international space station ISS link, it is possible to existing, historic flights, to fly, and you can create new planets to discover. In addition, a variety of cards to use. You do not need constantly on a mission to go, but you can also take the space float, and even take a good look around at all the celestial bodies.

In addition, you can create your own rockets and spaceships, build or the download add-ons that other users have made. Because you are in the control center of a spacecraft, you can really learn stuff that astronauts in the really do and you can use it to your heart's content experiment. Furthermore, you can create your own Orbiter plugin modules writing and some programming experience. You really are the commander of your own spaceship and you can do what real astronauts do. With this Orbiter Space Flight Simulator, feel what it is like to really be in the space to hang around.

Orbiter Space Flight Simulator video

Orbiter Space Flight Simulator has the following features:

  • board different spacecraft,
  • available for free for Windows,
  • run multiple realistic missions,
  • explore space and the celestial bodies,
  • download additional add-ons,
  • design your own rockets and spaceships.

Orbiter Space Flight Simulator screenshots

screenshot-Orbiter Space Flight Simulator-1
screenshot-Orbiter Space Flight Simulator-2

You can free download Orbiter Space Flight Simulator and safe install the latest trial or new full version for Windows 10 (x32, 64 bit, 86) from the official site.

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