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Who today, even anonymously online want to be, can not avoid more to the VPN. That is a virtual private network, which your privacy and anonymity on the internet can be guaranteed. By making use of such a program, you access the internet from a different server and a different ip address than that of yourself, making others impossible to trace. There are a lot of providers, but when you are a user of Mac OS X than is Star, a VPN would be a must. With this application you can get unlimited online are and no logs of you being tracked.

Star VPN is only available for Mac OS X and iOS and is completely free to use.

With a Star VPN you surf only via an encrypted connection and you can with confidence go onto the internet. The application works very simple and you can quickly start, because a registration is not necessary. With a simple click you are connected to any of the servers. You need the program to add to the VPN configuration settings from your smartphone, computer or tablet. You click only on the link in the app and you will automatically be helped to do this.

Star VPN gives you access to all the websites and applications in your country, at school or at work, where certain sites or applications are blocked.

Before you go online, you need to your computer via a Star VPN first connect to a different server, so that you are going to surf with a different ip address. However, you can set this VPN immediately start up when you start your computer, and you have to do that in the settings of the program. You can then choose from a hefty list of countries, to which you can connect to. When you have a country selected, click the large green shield, and the app immediately makes the connection. You can now surf or torrents to download, without that there on your shoulder seen.

You can choose from different types of servers. So there are servers and countries that are the most suitable for the downloading torrents or if double vpn. The servers are up again to arrange the best performance, so the fastest connection you can select. Star VPN is a fast VPN, which is very pleasant to work with. Your device is well protected, not only in a normal connection, but also for example, if you are using a public wi-fi connection. So you have actually your own, free proxy.

Star VPN offers a trial of seven days, with fast surfing speed, then you must choose for a subscription, or is the internet speed is slightly slower.

Star VPN has the following features:

  • free VPN software for iOS and Mac OS X,
  • quick and easy to install,
  • choose a server from a list of different countries,
  • arrange on performance,
  • protects your device against outside attacks,
  • safe and secure online.

Star VPN screenshots

screenshot-Star VPN-1
screenshot-Star VPN-2

You can free download Star VPN and safe install the latest trial or new full version for Windows 10 (x32, 64 bit, 86) from the official site.

Devices: Desktop PC, Laptop (ASUS, HP, DELL, Acer, Lenovo, MSI), Ultrabook

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