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People want to know what is in their near done, and there are still like a say on. Municipalities, provinces and water boards often take decisions where you in your area, be aware of it. In a number of cases, will issue a letter in your bus, but you can find all the decisions now back in this app. About your area provides you with a clear overview of all the decisions that relate to your neighborhood. The app keeps you informed of the latest developments in your neighbourhood or district. So you are completely informed and you will not have any surprises.

About your neighborhood is completely free to use and available for iOS and Android.

Maybe you are of your well established neighbor hear that your street is cracked open, so that there is a new sewer is being laid, but with About your neighborhood, you're still faster behind. The app shows which decisions are taken, and you see immediately for which the decision applies. This includes decisions that deal with traffic, living, course, culture, consumer affairs, environment, family and family and sport in your area. The type of decision is shown with a symbol, so that you recognize instantly where to go.

It is possible to set up a special area to keep an eye on, such as your zip code, or for multiple areas, such as your entire neighborhood, district, municipality, water board or the province, to keep an eye on. Furthermore, it is possible to accommodate up to 6 areas to your favorites to add, so that you can instantly the necessary information regarding these areas.

About your neighbourhood is a handy app to use. Create an account and login is not required. If you open the app, you will find in the upper left corner, a menu with all the possibilities. Here you can search location or filter on subject. With the handy search feature, search by postal code or place, then you click 'search' button. You will then see your street on a map, on which you easily can in and out. On that map you will see all kinds of symbols, which stand for the different activities and decisions that are taken. If you are on a symbol is clicked, a pop-up window with all the information and if you click 'Read more' button will take you directly to the website of the public authority, where all detailed information can be found.

Furthermore, check in the menu the topics or that you find interesting and where you want to find out more. If you are on location looking for all of the checked topics on the card will appear. It is handy that you have maps, so a map of the area that your interested in to a list in "My maps" to add and you will then get a notification when a new decision is taken for that area.

You will also see the messages and rules in the indicated area and you will immediately see, the number of decisions or announcements.

About your Neighbourhood has the following characteristics:

  • available for free for iOS and Android,
  • keeps you informed of the latest developments in your neighbourhood or district,
  • creating an account and logging in is not necessary,
  • search by location or filter by subject,
  • see all of the decisions and announcements on a map,
  • add maps and areas to your favorites,
  • receive notifications when new decisions.

About your Neighborhood screenshots

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