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When you own a business and a web store to start, there are plenty of opportunities for. Magento is one of the most famous. A new player in that market, Shopware, originally a German E-commerce platform, which offers a lot of possibilities. The program is also offered as an open source "Community Edition", so that you with the source code to get started and, if required, things can change.

With Shopware put you relatively easy an online shop where program beautifully and uniquely designed, so you, as a company, your customers a pleasant experience. The creators want the online shopping more color and therefore have all the details thought of. Shopware is a free program, but it has additionally different paid versions, which offer more capabilities.

Shopware is a relatively light system, based on PHP, that works well and very easy to use. The program is available in Dutch, for which you the plugin you need to download. After the program has installed on your computer, you must log in to the backend. This backend is very intuitive, and you can choose from a large number of standard templates, where you quickly can get started. You can setup your own shop, start, and edit it.

It is possible to have multiple windows open simultaneously and drag content as pictures or videos very easily in this template. The format is by Shopware are immediately adapted and in the proper format. Within that templates are standard boxes for text and adjust your text very simple. In the same way, you add banners, where you want to display a url link or a reference to an action within your online shop.

Shopware is a responsive program, which means that it automatically adapts to all possible formats, such as a computer, smartphone or tablet. Within your webstore , you can in addition to the homepage, various category pages to create, of which the number is unlimited. The program is easy to extend with external modules and plugins. On a page you very easily a product description or a series of products and all with just a few simple settings, very easy to adapt to.

Customers can easily pay in your online shop. Shopware is integrated with paypal, but you can also select customers to pay with credit card, afterpay or other payment options. In addition, you can orders easily in a good direction and contacts to enter and maintain, because with Shopware explains to you a comprehensive database of. Addresses are simple to manage, as well as your return address, and also create invoices. If you already have a webshop and you want to switch, then migrate to Shopware. You do not need much technical knowledge to Shopware is a breathtaking, personal website.

Shopware has the following characteristics:

  • free ecommerce software,
  • has several paid versions with more features,
  • log on to the backend,
  • works very easy to use Is a responsive program,
  • choose from a wide range of templates,
  • drag photos and videos in your template,
  • integrated with paypal and other payment options,
  • manage easily your database.

Shopware video

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You can free download Shopware and safe install the latest trial or new full version for Windows 10 (x32, 64 bit, 86) from the official site.

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