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Sometimes it is necessary to get to the files and documents on your home computer can, for example, if you office work or do you want to sharing files with others. With Ulterius Server is no problem. This is an open source program that allows you to remote your desktop operates via your browser. If it has been installed, it is possible to from your browser to download files and even to upload and so very easy to share.

Ulterius is completely free to use and available for Windows.

The install of Ulterius is done quickly and the program icon appears in your system tray, from where you can easily open it. The program works quite simple. You have in your browser is actually only the ip-address of Ulterius to visit and you're already there. Online, your data is immediately completed, such as the localhost, and you are connected to your computer. You will still need the username and the password of your computer to fill in, exactly as you are used to at home. You'll see a virtual task manager. There you will see a lot of information about your computer, including the CPU and the various processes that are ongoing.

You can see further the speed of your connection, the temperature of your computer, the status of your hard drives and even connect to the camera on your system.

Under the tab 'Filesystem' to your files and documents. Here you will find a list of your files and it is immediately possible to upload or download. All the possibilities you can find at the top of your screen. All the way to the left, there is still the hamburgermenu, with all the options that there are. Advantage to Ulterius is that your connection is secure and the makers have privacy from the beginning in high esteem, especially because from a distance your own computer. The connection is encrypted with AES encryption, and SSL is supported.

With Ulterius keep you exactly at what currently happens on your computer. Furthermore, you manage the programs on your system, and it is even possible to make adjustments, or install new software, if something is not responding. Many similar programs offer a trial period, after which you must pay, but Ulterius is and remains completely free and has only has an edge on the competition. With the browser of Ulterius do exactly the same what you have at home on your own computer, but than at a distance. You need not be from a different computer to do, because it also works with the browser on your phone or tablet.

Ulterius has the following characteristics:

  • free your computer on remote control,
  • available for Windows,
  • works in every browser,
  • control your computer at a distance,
  • download and upload files from a different place,
  • check out all the details of your system,
  • login with the login details from your pc.

Ulterius screenshots


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