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If you have no virus scanner or anti-malware program used then the chances are that your computer is infected with malicious files. Your system becomes slower and, moreover, is in considerable damage and attackers go on their way without you knowing it. Furthermore, there are often files on your pc that are not safe and that you prefer not to. To ensure the safety of your digital life is to ensure that a program so necessary, but even such a program does not always mean everything. Therefore, it is useful to get yourself a extra security through a program like Riot Insulator to install. This application keeps threats that your virus scanner has not detected. It's a pretty advanced program, which consists of multiple security mechanisms, so that your privacy and safety are increased.

Riot Insulator is free to use and available for Windows.

Riot Insulator is a program that your computer on layers in the holes and that is actually a collection of ten security tools for Windows. Your computer has Microsoft .NET framework 4.x or higher is required. The program is install it on your system, but runs also as a portable version, which installation is not required.

When the program opens you will see the four main parts in the main screen: Eraser, Toolbox, Unlocker and Network. All four of the possibilities are for different purposes can be used. With the Eraser and Unlocker functions it is possible to recover deleted files and folders. All those files and folders are in the appropriate window to drag. Here, it is possible in a safe way completely removed from your system. If you delete files then you they really are for always lost.

If you have a file or folder really do not delete it with Eraser, then create them with Unlocker is accessible again, so you again can work or they remove.

The Toolbox option is the main function of the program and gives you access to several useful options. Here you switch, for example, the ability to capture screenshots from and is there a keylogger for keystrokes to turn off, so that attackers, your keystrokes are not traced through the secretly installed software. Additionally, it allows you that others from a distance your webcam to operate, malicious software from your computer for the fool and the things that you would not want your hard drives read-only, so a virus has no chance, and the various processes and tasks in the system memory checked.

Last, it is possible to put your trash in a once empty and your system with a password to protect. The program runs in the background of your system and ensures you are safely on your computer at work. It is not a difficult program, but may cost you a little effort to fathom.

Riot Insulator has the following characteristics:

  • protect your computer with this program,
  • available for Windows,
  • installation is possible, but not necessary,
  • has four main functions: Eraser, Toolbox, Unlocker and Network,
  • removes unwanted files and folders,
  • has a built-in anti-keylogger,
  • prevents your webcam from a distance is turned on,
  • checks processes and tasks in the system memory,
  • runs in the background.

Riot Insulator screenshots

screenshot-Riot Isolator-1
screenshot-Riot Isolator-2

You can free download Riot Isolator and safe install the latest trial or new full version for Windows 10 (x32, 64 bit, 86) from the official site.

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