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In almost every country, there are a number of branches of the Swedish woonconcern Ikea and almost everyone has ever what bought. Ikea stands for accessible design, which for most people is very affordable. The choice is great, but if you by the shop walk remains it is sometimes difficult to see whether a certain piece of furniture is well with you in your home fits. Therefore, IKEA has now an app on the market, which works with augmented reality. IKEA Place to see you immediately, or a product with you in your home fits and how it looks. At this time, contains the app more than 2,000 products and, according to the woonconcern ensure a 'true and fair view' of the reality. So test you at home first which is a great sofa, chair or closet, before you actually buy.

IKEA Place is free to use and only available for iOS.

With this new app from IKEA visualizes, so you or a piece of furniture in your home fits and especially if it already fits in with the furniture that you already have in your house. You try the furniture first before you really buy.

After you've downloaded the app you will be in the form of a chat conversation, explains what you need to do. First you must open the app to access the camera on your phone. Then scan your living room, kitchen or bedroom, the place where you want new furniture need, where you need to start with the floor. The app will automatically recognize the walls and floors and the dimensions of it. So get the furniture just right in your virtual living room. However, it is useful to ensure that the room is well lit.

If you click on the blue plus sign at the bottom of your screen, click to display the built-in catalog with the furniture of the woongigant. Of all the furniture, there are 3D models in the app and the products on the real size available.

You choose the desired product from the catalog, and that places you at the desired place in your home. The object is manually dragging it to another place, rotate, and it is so from different sides. You are viewing if needed all details and at the top of your screen you will immediately see the name and the price of the object. Thanks to augmented reality technology you can see zefs for the exact texture of a product, or how light and shadow fall upon it, so that it really is truthful in your space.

If you have not, it is possible to take a screenshot and instantly share via e-mail, messenger or Instagram, so that others can view. It is possible to have multiple products to add to a space.

If you are satisfied about a piece of furniture, it is immediately through the website of IKEA to purchase. You will have at least iOS 11 need to use the app.

IKEA Place has the following characteristics:

  • locate furniture in and place it in the desired space,
  • available for free for iOS
  • at least iOS 11 is required,
  • makes use of augmented reality,
  • scan the floor of a room,
  • make a screenshot and share it via e-mail, messenger, or social media,
  • buy a product immediately through the website of IKEA.

IKEA Place screenshots

screenshot-IKEA Place-1
screenshot-IKEA Place-2

You can free download IKEA Place and safe install the latest trial or new full version for Windows 10 (x32, 64 bit, 86) from the official site.

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