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In the past you have to lug with big maps, that when extending the necessary space. At present, these maps are replaced by apps with maps and navigation, such as Google Maps. The disadvantage of this is often that internet is required to use it. Also, it costs considerably which consumption data. If you are abroad, then the cost is also a lot of money. has the solution. This free app gives you access to detailed maps of all countries throughout the world. Those cards can all offline, so an internet connection is not necessary. That saves a lot of hassle when you're on vacation. is available for iOS, Android and Blackberry, and that is handy, because this is the app for everyone. Before you travel abroad, you download first the map of the country of destination. Downloading a map takes a few minutes, ranging from five minutes to one minute or 15, depending on the size. You can that the best and the quickest to do via wifi and that takes you also in the Netherlands than the least data. That card is then at your destination fully searchable and can also be used to find your destination to search. You will then see the full route and since recently you can even use the app to navigate to, such as, for example, that also can route planners as TomTom or even Google Maps.

The maps of are very detailed and free to download. You get from your location, directions to the different spots on the map. By using your fingers to move to and fro, that map is very useful in and out to zoom. In addition, the app uses gps always on where you are currently located, so that the app at the background can keep.

In addition to the free version, there is also a paid version of this app. Then, of course, more possibilities, such as an auto-follow mode, sharing your location and real navigate. is not very useful for a journey by car, but also if you are by bike or on foot. Also are the maps, drawn in detail and very easy to read. It is also with this app, very easy to get convenient locations or other useful places to find. Are you looking for the nearest atm, restaurant, bus stop, hospital or supermarket, you type that in the search function and within the shortest of times and rolls to the nearest location out. You certainly want to know that you have a location back you can find, then you can first mark, so that you later can easily re-find. So you will not easily get lost. has the following characteristics:

  • Maps are offline, so without an internet connection,
  • Suitable for iOS, Android and Blackberry,
  • Anywhere in the world to use,
  • The cards are also by users tracked,
  • Millions of useful places, such as restaurants, tourist destinations, hospitals and petrol stations,
  • Has relatively low memory of your phone. video screenshots

You can free download and safe install the latest trial or new full version for Windows 10 (x32, 64 bit, 86) from the official site.

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