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More and more developers make when developing apps using Swift code. Swift is a powerful and intuitive programming language developed by Apple. That company takes programming as an essential skill, and everyone wants to therefore, offer the opportunity to learn programming. This is Swift Playgrounds used. That is an application for iPad, which lets you interactively learn to code. So you will no problem your own apps.

Swift Playgrounds is free to use and available for iOS.

Swift Playgrounds is an accessible way to learn programming. You have no technical knowledge needed, because the programming language is pretty easy to use and completely open source. Even for children it is Swift, easy to learn, and there is the Apple to do, because the app is really aimed at children, but, of course, is very instructive for adults. You or your child will learn step-by-step programming.

The app works with nearly all iPads, but you must have iOS 10 or higher to run. The app looks graphically beautiful designed, speaks to the imagination and you will be assisted by the character Byte, a teddy bear that you always give instructions. You must code to ensure that Byte certain tasks and actions and at different places. You help him by means of code to collect all the gems.

The app is interactive and that works well. You must first different interactive puzzles and challenges to solve to the code and to know the basis for it to get the hang of. To do this, Apple has a number of lessons that you first have to go through. Your screen is divided into two parts, where the left-hand side is a 3D platform shows and the right shows you the actual code, so the way in which, for example, you Byte are tasks to run. So you can see immediately the effect of what you are programming. You must use the commands that you bear a really in code. As you will learn in a playful way how certain processes work, and where a certain function is suitable for. You will learn by doing, is here the motto. You try certain things and you can see if it works. It is handy that the keyboard of the program you suggestions if you are not yourself are coming from.

With Swift Playgrounds, it is already possible for children to make robots, drones and musical instruments to program. Specially for this code to develop it is actually possible to have robots and drones from a distance to operate. With Swift Playgrounds you learn the commands, functions, variables and the code to use. There are always new concepts and challenges.

The app is really focused on the basics of Swift to learn and if you take the app works then you will notice that these principles fairly quickly get the hang of it.

Swift Playgrounds will have the following characteristics:

  • learn learn to program,
  • available for free for iOS,
  • only works on iPad,
  • enter commands and directly see the result,
  • solve interactive puzzles and challenges, and learn as simple programming,
  • offers suggestions for when you are not suits,
  • learn in short time the basics of programming language Swift.

Swift Playgrounds screenshots

screenshot-Swift Playgroands-1
screenshot-Swift Playgroands-2

You can free download Swift Playgroands and safe install the latest trial or new full version for Windows 10 (x32, 64 bit, 86) from the official site.

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