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Streaming services like Netflix continue to grow and the legal online offer of films and series is larger. Still, a number of people movies, series or download music via a torrent network, because it is not available on legal platforms. That is done on the basis of the so-called peer-to-peer protocol. Jet range of programs that peer-to-peer use to download is quite large and Hermes P2P is one of them. Hermes P2P is a practical download manager for peer-to-peer, which rapidly works and connects to multiple trackers, making it possible to have multiple files to download, manage, prepare and prioritize. The program puts itself in the market as the fastest program in the world to transfer files to exchange.

Hermes P2P is free to use and available for Windows.

Hermes P2P is a small program, that is very suitable for both novice and advanced users. There is a number of basic options that you will be just fine and if you want more, there are even more advanced features, which is the program interesting enough to use.

Hermes P2P features common functions, such as the option to limit the bandwidth, your connections to view and manage and more. You must have Java on your computer to use the program. If you open the application, you will see all the features in the menu on the left side of the screen. In addition, there are two windows, of which the top is used for the torrents that you are currently bringing in, while you in the lower screen the completed torrents to see.

This download manager works with a embedded tracker or an external tracker, and a tracker is a piece of software that helps to establish a connection between the different peers, where again the bittorrent protocol is used. You adds even multitrackerinformatie to your torrents and the program connects to multiple networks, allowing you more data to ingest and your file faster is downloaded.

It is possible to use the search function to search your desired torrent, but as an external torrent to open belongs to the possibilities. Each download is to pause, to resume, to viewing even before the download is complete, the status is shown, you can see in percent how much there is within, you will see the upload and download speeds and Hermes P2P even has a built-in chat feature to connect with other users to chat.

It is handy that Hermes P2P network indicates how solid it is, it uploads and downloads with each other compares and that torrents even colors to give so as to make a distinction. In addition, the still cache on your hard drive. You will not be bothered by annoying ads and the appearance of the program. It asks little of the memory and the processor of your pc, so you will keep on enjoying working.

Hermes P2P has the following characteristics:

  • free torrent client for Windows,
  • has need Java to work,
  • works on the basis of the peer-to-peer protocol,
  • has an embedded tracker, and an external tracker,
  • add simple torrents, view all details, pause and resume a download,
  • has a built-in chat feature.

Hermes P2P screenshots

screenshot-Hermes P2P-1
screenshot-Hermes P2P-2

You can free download Hermes P2P and safe install the latest trial or new full version for Windows 10 (x32, 64 bit, 86) from the official site.

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