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There are many ways to take photos and videos what better to make with a filter, and Apple has just released a new app released that allows you to do that for iPhone, iPad and iPoud touch. Clips is a fun new app, which you yourself in many funny ways. So, you can make yourself very simply a cartoon character. In addition, it is possible to have tooltips in add. You actually makes a whole story of your photos and videos with moving text, illustrations, emoji, photos, music and other effects.

Clips is completely free to use and the app is available for iOS. You will have iOS 10.3 or higher is required.

The program works very easy and is meant for short videos and photos together to make a paste. It is possible to from Clips directly to make a movie and this feature is immediately available when you open the app. You click on the record button and start recording. The material appears in your screen on the timeline. In addition, it adds you to easily upload videos that are already on your phone and you do that by clicking the plus icon.

All videos are to edit and, for example, to shorten. The order is simple to change a movie to a different place to drag. Inserting pictures, works the same way. Then these movies and edit them with filters and effects. You select a clip you want to edit, and then there are a number of options will appear where you can do with it.

For example, you add a tooltip or just a loose text, shows a emoji picture jump or you can add all sorts of figures. With the effects and filters lets you take a photo or video look like a comic book or cartoon character, customize the colors or make the image black and white. Very nice is the option to set subtitles to your movie to add. You have to do that with the function 'Live Titles' and this puts you automatically subtitle under your video, because the function knows what is being said. The style and font are easy to adjust and the subtitles continue to walk with what is being said. In addition, you can easily find your own voice if you want to give a comment on the video.

To continue the you simply music to your movie, where you have the choice among several pieces of music. You can add music by clicking the musical note right in the app to click. The music is automatically to the length of your video customized and always has an intro, a middle, and an end. You share your edited photo or video easily via your social media. The app supports Instagram, Facebook, and Youtube, and your creation is straight to upload.

Clips is a creative app that allows you to really get your own story and that Apple responds to the trend of the video-editing software programs, such as that already happens with Snapchat and Instagram.

Clips has the following characteristics:

  • make a fun video of photos and videos,
  • offered by Apple,
  • available for free for iOS,
  • take a video or import videos and photos from your library,
  • make videos shorter and edit them with effects and filters,
  • add subtitles and music,
  • speak your own comments in,
  • share the result directly via social media.

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You can free download Clips and safe install the latest trial or new full version for Windows 10 (x32, 64 bit, 86) from the official site.

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