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A lot of people, mainly teens, want to make their selfies more fun with emoticons, stickers and texts. Snapchat is one of the most famous examples of. Microsoft seeks to meet that hype with their new app Sprinkles. With this app you add will automatically stickers, emoji's and text captions to your photos. It chooses the application, which itself has a filter or effect, because Microsoft works for Sprinkles with intelligent software that knows exactly what to face on the photo and it will automatically be a sticker, text, or emoji on paste.

Sprinkles is completely free to use and available for iOS.

Sprinkles, which is actually a sequel to Microsoft's Selfie and that a competitor was an app like FaceTune, works on the basis of artificial intelligence. The app learns from your photos and looking for there own fun additions. Because the app your face and, as much as is possible, your age recognizes, the effects are adjusted accordingly.

For the recognition of your age, Microsoft is working with special gezichtsherkenningsoftware, the so-called 'machine learning', which they years ago created a furor on In addition, it recognizes and does the app work with the days of the week and your location. The texts that Sprinkles for you to search for pictures are therefore quite often based on a day of the week or the surroundings where you are at that moment. You have the choice from hundreds of emoji's and stickers and if you still find online are these easy to import and still be your photo to use.

The app recognizes in addition to your age, your celebrity look-a-like, so a celebrity who looks similar to you and more and the stickers that you have on your selfie post are really specially applied to such as you looks like at that moment. If a selfie has taken then analyzes the app, then the photo and makes several suggestions for a emoji, sticker, or signature. You flick there simple through and if there is nothing to your liking then swipe through until you do something that is fun to see. But in addition to this automatic process, it is possible to have your photos manually to decorate and add a moustache, eyebrow or pet to your photo. The result you can share directly with your friends via your social media, messenger, or e-mail.

With Sprinkles, Microsoft focuses really on young people. Sprinkles gives you a number of exciting alternatives and suggestions for your photo, but if you all prefer to manually do it, then, that works of course fine.

The app, which is still very much like Snapchat, it was first on april 1, launched and thought that it was a 1 April joke, but it turns out so really a true app where you can make your photos just that little bit extra.

Sprinkles has the following characteristics:

  • free photo app available for iOS,
  • similar to Snapchat,
  • offered by Microsoft,
  • works on the basis of artificial intelligence,
  • has special gezichtsherkenningsoftware,
  • makes suggestions for emoji's and captions on the basis of day and location,
  • automatically adds decorations or do this manually,
  • share your edited photos directly through social media, messenger, or e-mail.

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You can free download Sprinkles and safe install the latest trial or new full version for Windows 10 (x32, 64 bit, 86) from the official site.

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