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For many people, iOS is a fantastic operating system, that there are well-designed and useful mainly for looks. The usability of iOS is great and appeals to many people. Who Android used or Windows, has, in principle, does not have the ability to work with iOS, because it is a different system. With PaperPlane Smart Launch is it possible to make your Windows computer look to see if iOS. The program allows the icons on your desktop to see the way you this on your iPad or iPhone see. You start your PC so as if it is a iPad is and the service gives you instant access to all your files, programs, apps, and more.

PaperPlane Smart Launch is completely free to use and available for Windows.

If you have a nice and effective desktop want, PaperPlane Smart Launch is a must. The program gives you quick access to your most used apps and programs and it is very user-friendly. With the application open very easily and recent files, visit your favorite websites and you play fast games on your computer. The file itself is very small and PaperPlane Smart Launch is a lightweight program that quickly works.

Once you have the application on your system has installed, it immediately begins scanning your computer, so as to know which apps and programs you have on your PC. The program particularly looks to which apps and programs you use most. It is possible to do this process manually and do your own apps and programs to select as a shortcut on PaperPlane Smart Launch.

Just like on iOS, or on your iPad are several shortcuts in the folder to convert. That can click category and when you click this folder button, then it expands down and you will see all the available icons. You double click on a icon and the program or the url is started. It is always possible here new shortcuts to drag.

In addition, PaperPlane Smart Launch is a convenient search function that allows you to quickly find a program or file to look up. The icon of the program itself is at the bottom of your taskbar. Every time you click on it, you are in the area of PaperPlane Smart Launch. That can even easier, by simply on your regular desktop, double-click, and you are immediately in the interface of PaperPlane Smart Launch. It is always possible to return to the original desktop of your Windows system.

PaperPlane Smart Launch is a fun way to keep your apps, programs and urls to organize and the with a Windows computer about an other bow to throw. Useful is that there is immediately a back-up .

With PaperPlane Smart Launch, point your desktop completely to your own taste, because it is further possible to have the background to adapt the layout and animation by yourself, set it as wallpaper.

PaperPlane Smart Launch has the following characteristics:

  • available for free for Windows,
  • let your desktop look like an iOS system to look like,
  • quick and easy to install,
  • works with drag and drop,
  • scans your entire system,
  • double-click on your desktop to PaperPlane Smart Launch to go,
  • set yourself a background.

PaperPlane Smart Launch screenshots

screenshot-PaperPlane Smart Launch-1
screenshot-PaperPlane Smart Launch-2

You can free download PaperPlane Smart Launch and safe install the latest trial or new full version for Windows 10 (x32, 64 bit, 86) from the official site.

Devices: Desktop PC, Laptop (ASUS, HP, DELL, Acer, Lenovo, MSI), Ultrabook

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