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A PDF converter is used a lot. Often, that is necessary to a particular file to convert to a PDF document , or vice versa, by a PDF to convert to a different file format. There are already some possibilities to do this, but many PDF converters are quite limited, while PDF Forte understand a lot of other possibilities. With this program, you convert a wide range of file formats to PDF format. Word, Excel, PPT, PSD, DWG, and images are all simple to convert. Therefore, PDF is the Forte a good choice.

PDF Forte is free to use and available for Windows only.

PDF Forte is not modern, but the program looks very organized and doing well his work. When you open the program you see at the top a series of tabs with various options and in the large window in the middle you will find all the option to select a file to convert.

PDF Forte is very easy to use and you don't really need to do more than the file that you want to convert in the window to drag. If you prefer a other way to import, then click 'Add Files', and then running the file through the Windows Explorer to select. All the files you've added with the same ease to remove, if it appears that you have the wrong file has been added. Further, it is possible to have multiple files to add to multiple files at once to convert. That are in a row placed below each other.

It is still possible to select a folder where your files should be saved. When you have all your files has been added and you have the size picked out for your file to convert, click on "Start" and your files will be converted to PDF. That happens really fast. Every PDF comes in its own folder. When the settings are even a few useful adjustments.

Under the tab 'PDF Title' you have the option to enter a title, subject, author and some keywords in a PDF to add and under the tab "PDF Security" is your PDF to protect it with a password. In addition, you here in that the contents, for example, not to copy or a PDF not to edit. If the latter you will find here the feature, Images to PDF, to create multiple images together in a PDF and possibly the format of the pages.

PDF Forte is a very fast, intuitive and very easy-to-use PDF Converter, which is very advanced and offers a lot of possibilities. In addition to the ordinary files you want to convert, convert even Photoshop images and AutoCAD drawings. In addition, there is an option to text files to convert to ePUB eBooks, which causes your files to use for e-readers.

PDF Forte has the following characteristics:

  • convert multiple files to PDF or other format,
  • available for free for Windows,
  • add multiple files at a time,
  • edit a file by additional information to add,
  • secure a PDF with a password,
  • convert text files to ePUB.

PDF Forte screenshots

screenshot-PDF Forte-1
screenshot-PDF Forte-2

You can free download PDF Forte and safe install the latest trial or new full version for Windows 10 (x32, 64 bit, 86) from the official site.

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