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With a number of keyboard shortcuts you can select a picture of the screen of your computer, but that is it. The possibilities are limited to just a screenshot. With TinyTake, you create not only a screenshot, but you'll have many more opportunities. In addition to a screenshot, that you will be in different sizes you can take, you take with TinyTake very easy videos and images of a webcam. You can download it to the hard drive of your computer or share it with others. What you see on your monitor, you can save with this program.

TinyTake is absolutely free and available for Windows and Mac OS X.

With all modern operating systems and keyboards makes it easy to have a screenshot, but sometimes you might want more than just that. With TinyTake, it will be nice to do this and with the program makes you a "snapshot" of your screen, because everything that you see on your screen, you can record.

TinyTake is a small piece of software, that is fast and easy to download and install. In principle, you do not have to register for this program, because it works completely, but if you are recording your screen with others want to share, then you need to be logged in. Creating an account is so useful and it is so done. When you run the program for the first time, you are prompted to set the audio settings to capture. You can always adjust in the menu.

Making a screenshot is very simple. With your mouse, you can in the program area to indicate that you want to include. That may be the whole screen or a part of it. The nice thing is that you with TinyTake whole video recording, including sound. With the free version of the program allows you to only five minutes of film to record, but when you opt for the paid variant, it is possible that up to 120 minutes. In the free version gives you 1 GB of cloud storage space. In the ‘Capture Region’ then choose from a number of different possibilities to make a recording. When you have done that, you can edit, by text and shapes to add to it, pieces to mark, and even in drawing. Then you can use your image to save it to your hard drive or in the cloud. The latter will get you instantly to the url, so you pictures and videos for sharing with others. A video, you can use TinyTake even on Youtube.

TinyTake is a very comprehensive program with many capabilities, which makes taking a screenshot or recording a video a breeze. The program appears at the bottom of your taskbar, allowing you to always easily. In addition, you very easily all kinds of shortcuts so that you can the program all the way to your own hand.

TinyTake has the following characteristics:

  • free screen recording software,
  • suitable for Windows and Mac OS X,
  • login is convenient, but need not,
  • enter a few preferences at the first time startup,
  • choose which part of your screen you want to record,
  • share recorded photos and videos directly on social media or by e-mail,
  • has paid versions with more features.

TinyTake screenshots


You can free download TinyTake and safe install the latest trial or new full version for Windows 10 (x32, 64 bit, 86) from the official site.

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