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If you have a lot of software downloads and installs on your computer, then chances are that there will come a time, duplicate files on your computer. That is awkward, and your system can be a lot slower. It is good to have your system regularly check for duplicate files and then delete them. With Clone Files Checker is that done quickly. With this program urges you to easily find duplicate files on, is there disk space on your pc is freed up, and is there going to be some order in the digital chaos on your system. Clone Files Checker, remove duplicate files, photos, mp3 files, videos, and more, using the original file on your hard disk.

Clone Files Checker is completely free to use and available for Windows only.

Duplicate files take only unnecessary space on your computer. There so if you want to from. Clone Files Checker is a very light program, that is very fast is installed on your system.

When you start the program you immediately in the main screen. Here, you'll see all the features and capabilities of the application. Here, you let your whole system scan. Clone Files Checker can all the files and hard drives to scan, and furthermore, it is possible to to specify your preferences and select what folders or drives to be scanned and which are not. That is useful if you only have a certain folder for duplicates to check. Here you select what kind of files are looking for, such as photos, mp3s, videos, or documents, and possibly the size of a file, for example, that there is only a search for files between 1 and 2 MB. Clone Files Checker is looking very focused. If you're looking for specific files you make use of the search function. The program scans and analyzes your system thoroughly.

If the files are found, they appear in a concise list. Here you will get the chance they still have good look, and then immediately remove. Clone Files Checker has a built-in backup, make a backup of your duplicate files, before it be removed. Should something go wrong, then are the files with a simple click to change back. The advantage of Clone Files Checker is that it is so designed that it not only removes duplicated files, but also automatically more structure to the data on your hard drive.

Clone Files Checker even works with iTunes. Since the application with iTunes can synchronize, it is possible to in your iTunes library duplicate songs and then remove it. You must the option iTunes scan on and if it still not work, within iTunes itself the option to encourage your library to share with other applications. The same applies to Google Drive, because with Clone Files Checker, search this cloud-based also very easy to duplicate files.

Clone Files Checker has the following features:

  • searches your computer for duplicate files and removes them,
  • available for free for Windows,
  • run a system scan or select which folders or drives to be scanned,
  • you can give your preferences for the search,
  • automatically brings structure to the data on your pc,
  • works with iTunes, and Google Drive.

Clone Files Checker screenshots

screenshot-Clone Files Checker-1
screenshot-Clone Files Checker-2

You can free download Clone Files Checker and safe install the latest trial or new full version for Windows 10 (x32, 64 bit, 86) from the official site.

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