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A clipboard is very useful, because if you have a Windows computer then you turn here temporarily texts on which you want to copy and later want to paste. All text to the clipboard copy, cut and paste in a document or in an e-mail. The default clipboard of Windows is already quite useful, but there are quite a few restrictions. To save this clipboard only the last on that you have copied. With Ditto, the possibilities are much more extensive and the application is made as an extra addition to your Windows clipboard. This means you have an unlimited number of cut - and-plakwerken, you can always again, that the Windows clipboard is not possible.

Ditto is completely free to use and available for Windows only. In addition to the installation version there is a portable version, that runs from your usb-stick.

If you have a clipboard, saves you a lot of time. You need not do anything more to type and what cut - and-paste work, you are so helpful. The install of Ditto is so happened. Useful is that when the installation immediately, choose a language, including English, and the option to the program to begin as soon as you use your Windows-system startup. It may be that your firewall just to protest, but you have Ditto in there just access. The icon of Ditto then appears in your system tray.

The advantage to this program is that it works with a number of handy shortcuts, such as Ctrl+C to a text fragment to copy, Ctrl+V to bring up paste and Ctrl+X to cut. You can open the program by clicking the icon in your system tray clicking.

From then on, it remembers Ditto everything you copied and cut. In addition to text snippets that URLS and even photos. You will continue to work with the previously stated shortcuts and everything has copied on the clipboard of Ditto. The program does so automatically at all that you cut and paste. If you want to, then you open Ditto, and you can see everything in memory.

Further, the program has a good search function, which allows you to easily search for words. The content is always back to edit it if you want it and the clips that are not longer needed are easy to remove. If you have large pieces of copied text, you will see this only partially Ditto. If you then F3, then the full text is displayed.

One advantage is that Ditto clipboards on multiple computers can synchronize. The data will be fully encrypted. In addition, it is possible to create groups, so you in categories of work, what a nice clear. This is useful if you have some information want to keep longer. Your information will still be available on Ditto, even after you restart your computer. Furthermore, it is nice that the design of this program all the way to the desire to adapt.

Ditto has the following characteristics:

  • software adds extra functionality to Windows clipboard,
  • available for free for Windows,
  • works as an extension of your Windows clipboard
  • is directly with your system to boot,
  • use the usual cut - and-paste keyboard shortcuts Windows,
  • icon of Ditto appears in your system tray,
  • simply copy snippets of text, photos, codes, and URLS,
  • has a convenient search function
  • to sync with multiple computers.

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You can free download Ditto and safe install the latest trial or new full version for Windows 10 (x32, 64 bit, 86) from the official site.

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