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With the advent of social media, more and more ways to put this into practice. Countless apps have pretty filters and effects, there is by now a countless number of emoticons and very funny sticker is added. Many people also use a GIF, an animated picture or a short videoclipje. Advantage is that an animated GIF takes up little space and in addition quickly loaded. So it stays a GIF is always fast and well-visible if someone on your social media or website.

There are several ways to make a GIF to make and for the users of Mac GIPHY Capture one of the better ways to make a GIF. Within a few seconds you have a GIF made, that you anywhere on the internet. GIPHY Capture is free to use and only available for Mac OS X.

GIPHY Capture is a fast and powerful tool, that is user-friendly works. Within a few simple clicks you have found the perfect GIF. The service is aimed at making a GIF from a video, not a photo. If the program you downloaded it is possible to immediately get started, or login first with your account.

The real advantage of a GIF is easy. You start the program on your Mac and then plays the video where you make a GIF from want to create. Then, select the part of the screen where you want the GIF to make the screen of the program larger or smaller, and click record. You then click the indicated markers, to the length of the GIF. The length of a GIF is for a maximum of thirty seconds. Then, your animation in many different ways very easy to edit, and you do that by clicking on the ‘Edit’ button.

You choose first the best GIF from, if you have multiple, then the number of frames, so simple to make them longer or to shorten. In addition, it offers GIPHY Capture the possibility of a text to the GIF to add. Also, the size of the GIF, let you have the image in reverse playback, or a game of pingpong, and allows you to simply the size of the file, where you have the choice between large, medium or small.

Before you put your GIF store, you are viewing easy a preview, so you can be sure that you are satisfied. Then, you can save the GIF to your computer or you share this directly via email with your friends or upload them immediately on your social media. If you are logged in, you will upload a short video directly to the database from GIPHY if you want. In addition, your new GIF, of course, to use in different messengers. It is always possible to make your GIF at a later time, a time to edit, if you still something want to adjust.

GIPHY Capture has the following features:

  • free animated GIF-images,
  • available for Mac OS X,
  • best way to make a GIF,
  • select the part of your screen where you want the GIF to make
  • edit a GIF in different ways,
  • add a text to a GIF,
  • share your GIF directly via e-mail, messenger, or social media,
  • has the ability to a GIF at a later time to edit.

GIPHY Capture screenshots

screenshot-GIPHY Capture-1
screenshot-GIPHY Capture-2

You can free download GIPHY Capture and safe install the latest trial or new full version for Windows 10 (x32, 64 bit, 86) from the official site.

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